Apple to webcast September 9th special event live

Apple will webcast their upcoming special media event live at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT next Tuesday, September 9th.

Live video from our special event will be right here ( And so will a whole lot more.

Join us at on September 9 at 10 a.m. PDT to follow every moment.

As usual, MacDailyNews will cover the event with live notes (link to come next week), so join us – watch live and comment as it happens!


  1. Yay, so Tim “no style” Cook can bore people in realtime. The next iPhone promises to catch up to where android phones were 5 years ago. Let’s not even get started with the stupidity of trying to do online payments with their lackadaisical approach to security with iCloud. Maybe Tim’s one last thing will be his resignation.

    1. There are many reasons nude selfies weren’t stolen from Samsung’s cloud service, and it has nothing to do with their security, And what were Android phones in 2009? Oh yeah, the HTC Magic and Hero, Motorola QLIQ and Droid, Samsung Galaxy and Moment… yeah, I see a lot of those around these days. I don’t see much there that Apple needs to catch up to.

  2. Tim is really boring on stage, I skipped his speech last time and I will do this time.
    Of course Apple needs to talk about numbers and ROI, how great the business was developed and blahblah, to be honest, this time I hope thy cut it short, please!
    I wonder if they could just put some Jony Ives kind of understatement in this keynote, a cool presentation, letting the facts and user excitement using the products speak for itself.

    The products are not really magic because they repeatedly say so, – like a prayer – they are the best in each category for years.

    Whenever they use these words to often I feel embarrassed.

    Nevertheless I am keen to see it, although I am equipped with the newest versions of every category.

    And I hate wearing a wristwatch, it’s really disturbing when typing on my Macbook keyboard.

    Here is my wish list for the next iPhone I will definitely buy:

    – more customizable iOS
    – better Siri, less misunderstanding
    – significantly more battery stamina
    – sony camera built in (12mp backlit illuminated sensor, much better lowlight performance and sharpness)
    – waterproof housing until 20 feet
    – better connectivity to LTE and 3G

    Did I miss some thing here?

    I know you guys have a lot of more or less serious wishes

        1. …meanwhile … at a undisclosed location in Mountain View, Samsung is busy erecting a curiously circular moveable stage bloggers say is reminiscent of Disney’s Carousel of Progress. Korean recording artist Psy denies rumors he was tapped to host a September showcase of Samsung home automation products.

    1. Overall, my wish list is compatible with yours. I pared my list down to four key requirements and one desirement.

      1) Water resistant – please! I have been advocating that for years!

      2) Improved battery life – always a key factor for mobile devices.

      3) Improved Siri, both in terms of comprehension and in terms of functional flexibility.

      4) Larger, higher resolution displays for two reasons – overall utility for a single mobile device, and product competitiveness versus Samsung/Android in the global market.

      A) I would never turn down a better camera, and low light situations are the biggest weakness of the iPhone camera (or pretty much any camera based on a tiny detector). In my opinion, improved sensitivity and lower noise are far more important than more pixels. However, a few more MP would not hurt as a bonus.

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