Lines form for ‘iPhone 6’ outside Apple Store Fifth Avenue

“When the next Apple iPhone will debut and what features it will have remain rumors, but for some iPhone customers, that’s merely a technicality,” Katie Little and Mary Catherine Wellons report for CNBC.

“Some people are already placing orders for the rumored iPhone 6 and standing in line at the company’s flagship location in New York City with sleeping bags and chairs to wait out the launch,” Little and Wellons report. “‘We wanted to beat the record, which had been 18 days,’ said Brian Ceballo, who arrived at Apple’s NYC flagship Sunday to wait.”

“While Apple has not said when the next iPhone would go on sale, it is widely expected to be unveiled at an event on Sept. 9,” Little and Wellons report. “Robert Samuel, founder and owner of professional line-waiting service S.O.L.D. or Same Ole Line Dudes, already has orders for seven iPhone 6s and one inquiry from an iPhone re-seller despite the uncertainty… Based on previous launches, Samuel estimates the iPhone 6 will be available Sept. 19. He’s already instructed employees interested in waiting for the device to block off their schedules for the date.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Only Apple.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


        1. Hey look, another jealous fickle Fandroid loser has popped up about to get served up a heaping helping of humble pie and a side of crow for good measure this next week!

          Yes I said history making event moron, with the introduction of the first REAL smart watch and perhaps other surprises. Bigger phones too in which to pound down Android market share.

          My condolences for your being the poster child for the brain dead impaired.

    1. Seems like all the Apple haters are crawling out of their holes today and expressing their love for everything Apple today.

      More power to these people. Go Apple! And I’m sorry Android, but people are pffffff about your crap. This is why nobody will wait in line for anything you release – apathy to mediocrity or complete stupidity. Go put that in an ad.

    2. @iMaki,

      They have a life, and in their life they like to queue up for the latest Apple gadget 🙂

      I like people like this, they’re passionate and I like that in people. You might mock them, but they don’t care!

      I’ve got a 4S that’s on a monthly contract so I’ll be picking up a 6 in November. By that time all these guys who are queueing up now to get their hands on one will have thoroughly tested every inch of iOS 8 so any bugs will be ironed out and my purchase will be smooth.

      Queueing up for weeks is not something I would do, but that doesn’t mean you should mock those that want to. Why do that?

      As MDN’s take says – “Only Apple.” 🙂

      1. But we are assuming it will be three weeks before the phone is physically available correct? Who has time or money to sit in a line for three weeks? Are they out of work? Able to work from the sidewalk? Self employeed but can afford to take three weeks off not for vacation but to stand on the sidewalk? I’m as fanboy as they get, or so I thought, but this does not seem normal or healthy. Is past is prologue, can’t we assume phones will be shipped to those who get the first web store orders on the same day as retail apple stores? So why wait on a New York sidewalk for 3 weeks?

        1. Agree not normal or healthy and these people do NEED a life.

          I plan to go in on day 2, walk right in and out in 15 minutes if my previous new iPhone purchases again hold true.

        2. The people in the sue are paid to queue.

          It’s a legal business – you can hire people to professionally queue for you new Apple device.

          This has been happening since the 1st iPod was launched.

          Search online there are companies trading doing this.

          Goto love the entrepreneurial spirit!

    3. Already? I can see 24, or even 48 hours if you have nothing else to live for, but THIS soon?!

      A 36 hour vigil might be fun once just for the camaraderie or party atmosphere, but this soon?! Shrinks should be out there passing out cards.

  1. iPhone 6 will be the biggest blockbuster iPhone launch ever. It doesn’t matter if they change nothing else but the screen size…there’s such a pent-up demand for a large-screened iPhone that sales records will be broken all over the world.

    Suck it, Gene Munster.

    1. Andy Hargreaves of Pac Crest says 75 million iPhone 6 sales are already priced in and after those sales Apple can go nowhere but down. It’s really pretty sad how these analysts can predict the future for Apple so easily.

      I kid you not but he’s basically saying Apple doesn’t have a future because he claims there’s nothing Apple can do to create enough revenue for an upside. If that isn’t enough to scare off investors, then I don’t know what is. His words had enough of an impact to seriously spook investors and I find that rather frightening.

        1. After today it is 15.96. If 60 million 6’s and 10 million other models are sold in the December quarter and Apple continues buying shares then the EPS growth rate will be 20-30 percent. If Apple introduces other products EPS will grow even further. A 16-19 multiple is a joke.

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