Cramer: Stop trading Apple, just own it

“I have developed a definitive bias against trading,” Jim Cramer writes for TheStreet. “The ETFs, the high-frequency trading bandits, the lack of any identifiable edge, has turned me against recommending trades. I don’t mind investing ahead of a quarter but I am not trying to get you in and out of a stock. It’s just been a fruitful exchange.”

“I have been an Apple stalwart for many years with a correct wavering from $650 down to the $400s before the company went from being shareholder agnostic to being religious about its shareholders,” Cramer writes. “Ever since the company started its buyback and its dividend plan and rolled out some successful iPhones which put Samsung in retreat and obliterated Blackberry, I have said one thing over and over again: don’t trade Apple, just own it.”

Cramer writes, “Find room to own the greatest manufacturer on earth with the best products in existence as part of an amazing, invaluable eco-system and use the chatter of the shorts and the sellers to own the stock if you don’t already do so.”

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    1. King of what? 6% PC marketshare and less than 15% of the world’s mobile phone market along with the worst Cloud in the business hardly makes anyone King. The illusion that is Apple Inc. is driven by people like you but in the end what does it matter as outside the US Apple is just another player.

      1. Have their been more trolls on this site lately?

        Quick factual correction: Apple is the most valuable company in the world by market value. It also has the largest share of the personal computer market if you count the iPad as a personal computer. If you want to argue that the iPad is not computer or not personal, good luck with that.

  1. 1-Cramer has no cred. Stewart took him apart on The Daily Show on his endless pimping of stocks and the market right into the face of the Bush Market Meltdown of 2007-8. One of the reasons CNBC now has about 3 viewers- they were such tools for the theives of Wall Street that even the most clueless now realize Wall Street is a rigged game. Cramer just led the lambs to slaughter.

    2-Apple does not manufacture anything- it contracts it out to Flextronics, Hon Hai Precision Industry, Samsung and others. Apple designs and markets lots of things, but does not manufacture hardware.

    1. I would wait, then buy.

      There’s often sell offs around major product launches, and it may have started today. Better to buy when the price is rising AFTER a sell-off then while the price is still in free fall.

      Only sell AAPL if you are retiring.

  2. Cramer is correct (for once). I’m waiting for a large sale at $102 to settle right now, so I can move the money. I will be buying some real estate the first of the year, so I thought it would be prudent to nail down the profits on those shares now, while AAPL was at an all time high. When you know you’re going to need the money take the profits. The rest of my investment money will sit quietly in AAPL and watch what happens next week.

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