iWatch in ‘engineering verification test’ stage, components in production, sources say

“Despite related components already entering into production, Apple’s iWatch is still unlikely to become available until 2015, as the device is still under engineering verification testing (EVT) stage and has to still go through production verification testing (PVT), according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“The sources pointed out that a product will need to first pass the PVT stage before entering to mass production,” Lee and Tsai report,” and between the EVT and PVT stages, Apple could still be change its design.”

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  1. Maybe that’s why no one has seen an iWatch…they are all searching for it in Asia. But that makes me think it may be a premium $400.00 item rather than a cheap device a la GoogSam Gear.

    1. Or simply that all the pre production work is kept in the US so that until actual mass production starts there is little to be seen elsewhere. That said even though the Mac Pro was produced in similar fashion except additionally including production as well, and thus kept secret I have no idea what sort of practical delay this would involve as clearly producers would need to go through a pre production stage as well.

    2. If there is an iWatch or other Apple-designed wearable, then it likely leverages the functionality included in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. if so, then it would make sense to achieve some market penetration of these new OS’es before rolling out the new wearable product(s). In addition, I think that Tim Cook has learned that several hardware/software product announcements spread throughout the year are much better than one major event in the fall. That approach also puts a lot less stress on the company than a simultaneous rollout of products.

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