September 9th: The beginning, or the beginning of the end, of Apple’s Tim Cook Era

“It’s going to be a big show in Cupertino September 9th. We’ll see at least one new phone,” Mark Sullivan writes for VentureBeat. “But most importantly we’ll see what could be called the first product of the Cook era, an Apple smartwatch.”

“The unveiling will be held at the Flint Center in Cupertino, the same venue where the world got its first look at the Mac,” Sullivan writes. “Apple is already building a big new structure outside the venue — a big white box with something mysterious inside.”

“The watch is the first wholly new product Apple has developed since Steve Jobs’ death and Cook’s ascension to CEO. It represents the answer to the question of whether or not Cook has, or lacks, the ‘vision thing,'” Sullivan writes. “When the moment finally arrives, I believe Cook will walk out with the new Apple watch on his wrist. His future at Apple will be all tied up in that little piece of glass and brushed metal.”

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    1. It’ll be a giant white toilet bowl, matching the white vomit of iOS 6.

      After the upgrade to iOS 6 destroyed my ipad 2 and turned it into a slower than ipad 1, I will never buy another Apple mobile device. NEVER!

      Apple is way behind on everything.

      1. Hey “Observer”. If you are going to get on here and spew crap at least have the decency to not use someone else’s user name.

        From the real Observer.

        Yes I know I should register it. I will now.

      2. Ah, yes. I remember the good ole days when a troll was really a troll. None of this tripe these newfangled troll-wanna-be’s try to foist off on us. There use to be serious people trolling. Now it’s just the dregs. More’s the pity…

  1. Another FUD flavor. Trying to engage WSJ and other to believe in something made of nothing more than pure speculation before a najor event.

    Shame on, shame on!

  2. And you can pretty much guarantee that if the mythical ‘iWatch’ fails to materialise, these dipshits will use it to level every kind of criticism at Apple in general, and Tim Cook in particular, and bring Apple’s stock price down.

  3. Yes. Tim will definitely be in big trouble if he does’t introduce a product Apple never so much as hinted at.

    Such idiocy.

    I can see this causing the stock price to drop. Every time he fails to do what the idiot journalists and analysts predict, the stock takes a dive.

    1. The iwatch may not have been specifically hinted at, but he did promised a huge year in 2014 and here we are nearly three-quarters of the way though the year with little to show for it. September 9th needs to be big with something different being released if Apple are to live up to the talk and all the hype.

    2. If one subscribes to the idea that the stock price is inflated due to the rumor of an iWatch release, it’s natural to assume the stock price will correct itself if no such product materializes.

  4. They wouldn’t need a giant white box to demonstrate a wristwatch.

    I think they built a model of their complete home automation solution, using signals over existing house current with an intelligent controller operated via iPS app.

  5. iWrist

    Whatever it is, it’s not a watch or a communicator. It’s most likely a strap of sensors, one of which tracks blood glucose levels. $400 would be a God send for that.

    If we could eliminate blood test strips, the insurance industry and diabetics alike would be happy.

  6. This makes me laugh – no one even knows IF Apple is doing a smart watch.

    All the ANALists and tech press are convinced this is what they are doing – well how to make yourself look a total twat – NO ONE KNOWS!!!!!!!

    For all we know Apple is creating tech clothing but I believe it’s all about the home.

    That white cube is an interior of an Apple connected home and whatever they will be announcing its that structure is key to showing it off.

    I suspect it’s there for the tech press to go into and see the thing they’re going to announce work in the environment that it connects to.

    1. Who remembers when all “supply chain checks” pointed to the release of an Apple TV–like the flat panel (that Steve cracked the code on) not the little black box? Yup I remember when that was happening and then didn’t. I’ll believe in an iWatch when I see it. I’ll believe in a 5.5″ iPhone when I see it.

    2. I agree. If Apple doesn’t think a smart watch is the direction to take, as the journalists think, they will be punished by those same journalists for not producing a product that Apple doesn’t believe is worth the effort.

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