Apple’s ‘iPhone 6’ could bring mobile payments to the world

“The tech industry has made a number of attempts to ignite interest in mobile payments, and so far all have fizzled out. Sure, Google Wallet is still around, and Isis is available on a wide range of smartphones, but almost nobody uses them to pay for real goods in real stores,” Eric Zeman reports for InformationWeek. “Apple, which might add such functionality to the iPhone 6, could change that.”

“Though many consumers may fixate at first on the larger screens (4.7 inches and 5.5 inches), others will be thrilled to learn the iPhone 6 adds NFC for the first time,” Zeman reports. “NFC and mobile payments ‘will be one of the hallmark features of the device,’ according to Wired, which cited sources familiar with Apple’s plans.”

Zeman reports, “All the pieces of the puzzle are lining up for Apple and mobile payments.”

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  1. The 1 thing I would like to see now that selfies have become main stream is the same camera on both sides of the iPhone so that selfie photos are as good quality as regular photos.

    1. The problem with that is that the rear camera is a lot bigger and more expensive, and has the flash. While it will likely improve over time, I don’t see it matching the rear camera as it improves any time soon.

      In the meantime, might I suggest using the rear camera with either the volume knob or shutter timer to get good quality selfies?

  2. If Apple has decided on a mobile payment initiative I hope they don’t squander the opportunity. I hope they have a few business partners ready to go with their payment system. With Apple having around 600 million iTunes accounts/credit cards ready to rumble, Apple should easily have a great advantage over any other tech company (apart from Amazon). Apple should be able to beat the pants off of Google and loudmouth Eric Schmidt. Apple getting into mobile payments should be just as big if not bigger than wearable devices which I still think are a question mark with consumers.

    I really hope these NFC rumors are more than just rumors. I’d really like to do mobile payments in place as a substitute for my credit card for smaller items. I’d still use my credit card for large purchases because of the buyer protection my credit card company offers. No more fare cards for the buses and trains would be fantastic. I’m taking all this talk with a grain of salt and won’t be terribly disappointed if NFC on iPhones doesn’t happen. Apple is going to sell a mess of iPhones with or without NFC but NFC would definitely be icing on the cake. It would be nice for Apple to get into mobile payments because they could increase their revenue stream without the risks of hardware sales.

  3. The title would probably be more accurate to say “Apple’s ‘iPhone 6′ could bring mobile payments to the rest of the world outside Asia”. NFC payments are common in at least Japan that I know of and China is no slouch in that area in the past few years.

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