Fully assembled, functional iPhone 6 booting to ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen shown in new video

“Following its leak of photos showing the iPhone 6 logic board that have revealed the device’s NFC chip and 16 GB of storage, luxury modified iPhone vendor Feld & Volk has now shared some photos and a video showing the device in operation and booting to a black screen requesting the user to connect the device to iTunes,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“Feld & Volk says it has been able to piece together this iPhone from various components it has obtained as part of its effort to build its own luxury version of the iPhone 6 for its customers,” Slivka reports, “and remarkably enough, the device is at least capable of turning on.”


Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: At 0:43 in the video, what is that white “gear” icon that flashes just before the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen? We haven’t seen that before in iOS.


  1. It is sooo ugly! I hate the space grey color, bring back the black! And the ugly ass border bars that go around the top and bottom look like ass, I am a huge fan of apple and have loved owning every single iphone so far, but if this is the next iPhone and it looks like shit like this, I’ll skip it until iPhone 7. Or maybe I’ll buy it if some third party website offers to color mod it to solid black. Fuck that ugly ass color shit they’re doing. I hope this is all fake and some Chinese company is pumping out fake iPhones that look nothing like the real ones.

    1. All iPhones are made in China. Perhaps if Apple didn’t want to teach its competition how to build imitations, its “supply chain genius” should built products in a more secure location.

      1. No, Macuser, that’s a phone released over a month ago by a Chinese company totally unrelated to HonHai or FoxConn who would know what the iPhone 6 will look like. This is an Android phone with a skin. I’ve posted the link to their sales source multiple times. They are the ones with the raised, ill filling camera lens. . . it’s a dead giveaway. . . as are the wide borders on the screen and the bulbous sides making the phone wider than it needs to be.

  2. The bands are still noticeable, but not as glaring as some of the other leaks. Overall, the design is solid. I still would like to see it with iOS 8 running to determine the overall look and feel and to conclude if the bezels went on a diet.

    In addition, it’s been rumored the RAM remains at 1GB. It has been suggested by some posters that Apple will offer at least 2GB on the 32GB, 64GB or 128GB models. On my current iPhone 5 there is at least three Safari force closes a day. This could be lack of RAM or something else.

    I really hope Apple knows what they are doing because the majority of the recent leaks make the new iPhone seem mediocre at best. Hopefully, there will be some more positive leaks over the weekend.

    1. OK. You consider what you know about the iPhone so far to be mediocre. I’d just like to get an idea what you want the iPhone to have to be not considered mediocre. I’m certain most of the industry pundits will feel the way you do because they think Apple can put practically anything into the iPhone and still keep profit margins high. I can assure you that the average consumer will not have a problem with the latest iPhone. So, just tell me what you expect the iPhone to have what every other smartphone has.

      For instance, I doubt the iPhone will meet IPX7 specs, so what else? No removable battery or micro-SD slot. Go on and add some more missing features…

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