It’s official: Apple invites media to September 9th special event

It’s official!

Apple today sent out invitations to press outlets for a special media event to be held on September 9 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

The event will be held at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California.

Apple’s sparse invitation (see below) simply reads, “9.9.2014. Wish we could say more.”

Apple's September 9, 2014 special media event invitation
Apple’s September 9, 2014 special media event invitation


  1. Questions we all have. Did Apple learn from their 5C iPhone? Does Apple realize it is not 2012 anymore? Does Apple realize the smartphone market is saturated? Does Apple realize contracts are becoming a thing of the past?

      1. The bad marketing of the very expensive iPhone 5c that cause doubt in many people. The trickle of the new Mac Pro that even after some six months after its release still has a decent back order time. Tim’s assurance that Apple had many a project in the pipe and would see a very busy second half of 2012 and 2013.

        1. Yeah, because Apple selling more of the the 5c than Samsung an Motorola sold of the Galaxy 5 and Moto X COMBINED can clearly be attributed to bad marketing.

          Tip: don’t quit your day job. Punditry and commentary is not really your thing.

          1. Exactly why his words were totally meaningless, thank you. It seems he also expects Cook to say its going to be a boring year with nothing much new happening while the exciting stuff is being developed. Hardly a great career move.

            1. It was Tim who went public to promise things he never delivered. I don’t see where this behaviour is anything near praise worthy. Silence is golden, just ask Jobs.

          2. Yes, the 5c has out sold high end smart phone from Blackberry, Windows and Samsaug in the 4th qtr. That’s not saying too much considering it’s BB, Windows and Moto X which has had a few price drops. Some people call the 5c a mid level phone despite its high end price tag.

            I would love to sell those people that dropped $550.00 on 5c a bridge. If they were even half smart consumers they could have had a 5s for a little more money and much more future proof.

    1. 5C? Best selling smart phone after the 5S
      2012? Not sure what you mean
      Saturated? Doubt it
      Contracts? Of course they know this. They know more about carrier plans than just about anyone except the carriers. As far as I’m concerned, this is a big Ho Hum.

    2. If you have something to say then please say but stop asking questions from a 3rd party (which you will never get a response for) which shows your motives is not sharing and more of a FUD marketing for SameDung.

      Most of the readers on this site tend to understand Apple and they share their ideas or ask for feedback.

    3. To all my fellow MDN users; there is nothing more pleasurable than for these uneducated trolls to log onto Apple sites hoping to generate responses from we fellow harmonious users. Let us all refrain from answering their “shrieks” from whatever basement location they are in. No response from us, no pleasure for them. Eventually, they will slither away and run back into their caves and “shut the heck up!”

    1. Siri related IMO. Together with the iWatch I reckon we’re all going to have to grow afros and wear super tight leather jackets. After all, we’re all going to be looking like Michael Knight anyway.

      1. i thought the same thing too. hard to believe some places out there still have no clue about the internet. who is running that theatre? just go to and make a quick free one

  2. “say more”

    Everybody wants MORE and everyone SAYS they want an iWatch and a bigger iPhone.
    Therefore, it MUST be about the iWatch and new iPhone.

    Plus, their’s an Apple logo in it.

    1. I don’t want a bigger iPhone. I hope they bring out an updated model in the 4s size alongside these larger ones. I want something that easily fits in my pocket whilst still allowing me to bend my legs etc.

    1. Agreed. Their announcements usually hint at what they will announce. Either expansion of Siri (iOS 8 hinted at that), and/or a “watch” that you control with your voice…

  3. I don’t think they should do this. It seems like almost every time they do a conference, one of these “press members” always has to spill the beans at Google/Samsung/Microsoft HQ…and the Copy Cycle goes on again. How much are you gonna bet that the Galaxy Wear will look EXACTLY like iWatch once released. I will bet my entire Sonic game collection and my Genesis on that!

    1. Yes, they will look exactly like Apples device, but they have to wait to start copying until Apple shows them how it’s supposed to look and function. They’re sitting alertly, copiers warmed up, pencils at the ready, waiting for instructions.

    1. Unlocked iPhones have been available contract-free at Apple retail stores for the past three years at least, as I’ve bought one each year in Nov/Dec when I’m home.

  4. The “more” part is obviously bigger iPhones. The Macintosh “spoke for itself” at its revolutionary introduction. Perhaps the new product will introduce us to another revolution since such a product is what we all “wish” for.

  5. Good guess on the Siri.

    Perhaps mean they wish they could say the word more? Maybe they mean they won’t say or have “more” product than already announced , IOS 8 and Yosemite and the obligatory new iPhone, but nothing more.

    Perhaps it’s a reclining back breathing deep and wistful “I wished we could say more” meaning the devices would speak. This is indeed what has been previously talked about at WWDC, speaking texts, green bubble texts on iMessage, answer and place calls from your Mac. Meaning the release date of the IOSs will be announced as well.

    OR Jony Ive got a hold of the invite and removed EVERYthing and this is all that’s left!

    Or 992014 is a secret number or zip code.

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