An Apple 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’ makes no sense at all!

“Apple intends [on] introducing a 12.9-inch iPad model, and there’s some who may think doing so makes no sense at all,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “They’re wrong.”

“Claims that Apple plans an iPad Pro have been around for some time, but with iOS 8 and the new A8 processor to drive the device, such a release only now makes sense. iOS 8 introduces support for split screen multitasking. This has been a much-requested feature but Apple clearly didn’t think its tablets were inherently powerful enough to support this effectively,” Evans writes. “The next breed of iPads use the new A8-series processor. This is expected to be significantly faster and more power efficient than before. In combination with up to 2MB installed RAM and lots of storage, the 64-bit iOS 8 will be a high performance mobile OS — not quite a Mac, but getting closer.”

“Apple’s recent deal with IBM is also relevant. Apple knows a high performance mobile device capable of split screen multitasking and equipped with a larger display will attract education and enterprise customers,” Evans writes. “Apple will (allegedly) launch the device in early 2015. This should help it change iPad’s feast and famine sales pattern.”

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  1. Sure it makes sense. It’s a “Pro” tool for the professional market. Just like the Mac Pro isn’t a consumer machine, it has a niche in high end content creation. The iPad Pro could be a powerful tool for professional music creators and live DJs, and other industries where a large touch screen computer, paired with professional software would be a game changer.

    1. That’s sort of what I was thinking. A large iPad could make a good audio mixing console, it’d be a great, portable tool for graphic design (it’d be greater than Letter-sized) and photography, and don’t forget engineering. There are numerous AutoCad-related apps already available that could, conceivably, be perfect for the larger iPad.

      Look, it’s one of those quintessentially Apple things that you didn’t know you needed it until you saw and used one.

      Price, of course, will be consideration but you might look at it from the perspective of the iMac/MacPro relationship.

      1. …”A large iPad could make a good audio mixing console…”

        It already is; in addition to DAW software such as Logic, for which app exists that turns it into a mixer, there are actual hardware mixers (Mackie DL-1608, Behringer X-32 series) that don’t even have physical faders or knobs, but use an iPad app to display virtual sliders, buttons and knobs for mixing. They work exceptionally well.

        …”it’d be greater than Letter-sized…”

        If the diagonal is to be as rumored (12.9 inches), it will be smaller than the American letter-sized paper (and smaller yet than A4 format the rest of the world uses). Letter-sized paper has a diagonal of almost 14 inches. A4 is around 14.2 inches.

    2. I would love a 24″ iPad. I would put it at an angle on my desk and use it very differently than I use my laptop.

      The insight that mouse/trackpad makes more sense for laptop/desktop work remains true. But there are a growing number of applications where touch is more direct. Large touch screens are going to happen, but not replace PCs/Macs.

          1. I believe the MS surface began its life as a table sized device. It seemed like an extremely interesting collaborative device.

            Don’t forget, this technology is still new. Eventually displays will cover everything.

      1. Whether it is by blending or replacement iPads will replace desktops and ultimately laptops! The touch screen will be larger and more intuitive but smaller lighter screens as well and voice can replace lots of keyboard input, but on screen keyboards will be part of the design and for those clinging to the past free standing keyboards also!

  2. There’s no question that there will be larger iPads with time. I can easily see them stuck on movable arms in a variety of scenarios from hospitals to retail shops. It’s gonna happen. But when is the question. All we’re seeing so far is piles of the usual colonic analcyst waste rumors. Yawn.

  3. iDoublePad. Like a laptop, BUT it can use the bottom iPad (screen), for MANY things, INSTEAD OF just a keyboard.
    Bottom part could CHANGE from a keyboard to an audio mixer, a color corrector for FCP, etc. That’s MUCH BETTER than just a side by side display !

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