Apple set to expand phone size – and profits

“Expectations are rising for Apple’s newest iPhones, coming next month, which will carry larger screens and possibly fatter profit margins,” Aaron Pressman reports for Yahoo Finance.

“With Apple’s rumored iPhone introduction less than a month away, Asian factories have already cranked up production on the next version of the popular smartphone, generating numerous leaks of new features,” Pressman reports. “Apple shares are up 16% over the past three months, as anticipation builds. After closing at $99.16 on Monday, the stock is nearing its all-time high, adjusted for the June split, of $100.72, reached in September, 2012. In afternoon trade on Tuesday, shares are at $100.29.”

“Apple’s current models offer just a 4-inch screen, but the 2014 versions are expected to provide 4.7-inch and possibly even 5.5-inch views,” Pressman reports. “If Apple introduces a 5.5-inch model, it will certainly cost more, but some analysts think even the 4.7-inch model could carry a $100 premium. That could offset a normal decrease in profit margins that Apple typically suffers in the quarter when it rolls out a major new product.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]


      1. Apple didn’t make an announcement.

        Someone rumored Sep 09 and MDN said chisel it in stone.

        If a rumor is mentioned more than 10X it becomes fact, especially if someone says to chisel it in stone.

  1. We have seen a lot on the 4.7″ but nothing on the 5.5″. It makes me wonder if this exist. This could be part of Tim Cook’s double down on leaks. Let on product out while keeping the rest hidden. We have seen nothing on iWatch, or new ATV either. If Apple doesn’t have a 5.5″ then tech press will be about why did they did not do a 5.5″, instead of what the 4.7″ has. That way the Android fans won’t have to be told that they are now 2 years behind on 64bit and fingerprint tech. They will just gloat about how Apple just caught up to screen size, and they still make them bigger. I’m still betting the 5.5″ will be a iPad nano, not a iPhone 6L.

  2. There ain’t gonna be an iWatch. That is why the stock will drop 6% in the week of Sept 9th. Stock will bounce back because the iPhone will be a killer. If there is a new product it will be January like iPad 2010.

    Or, there is an iWatch but no iPhone. then the stock will drop 12%.

  3. “…but some analysts think…”

    (Without thinking, having no related rumors upon which to think)

    “…even the 4.7-inch model could carry a $100 premium.”

    Wild guessing provided by Aaron Pressman who reports for Yahoo Finance. Have a nice August Effect vacation Aaron.

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