Schematic suggests NFC chip in ‘iPhone 6,’ amount of RAM remains unknown

“While incorrect claims came on Monday from a document showing alleged details on a NAND flash chip for Apple’s next iPhone, another questionable schematic from the same source suggests the ‘iPhone 6’ may include a near-field communications chip,” AppleInsider reports.

“Chinese repair firm ‘GeekBar’ shared a picture of the schematic on Monday via the social media site Weibo. It purports to show that a PN65V near-field communications chip from Semiconductors will be included on the ‘iPhone 6,'” AppleInsider reports. “The details seem questionable, as Apple has to date only used Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for short-range wireless communications. Apple currently offers a combination of the two technologies for its own proprietary ‘iBeacon’ standard.”

“The schematic was released on the heels of another document that was originally interpreted to suggest that Apple’s next-generation ‘A8’ processor would come with 1 gigabyte of RAM — the same as the A7 chip found in the iPhone 5s,” AppleInsider reports. “But observers were quick to note that the mention of 1 gigabyte on the schematic was actually in reference to a NAND flash module, representing internal storage instead of RAM.”

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  1. I think apple would be wise to implement a safe NFC (i.e. nfc enabled only with fingerprint sensor or some other form). There are many places that have NFC devices from credit card readers but more importantly offices, hotels, subway passes including London underground).

    The implementation would allow iPhone be used to pay for your subway, get access to secure areas, and even implement a better door lock than current door locks.

    Go Apple…

    1. I’d like to see an NFC enabled iPhone because the New York City Transit Authority is planning to dump those freaking Metrocards and I’d be happy to replace them with an iPhone with NFC, so I could always see how much money I had left for rides. I think it’s unlikely the NYCTA will go with an iBeacon payment system but I can’t say for sure. I just think with all the riders there are in NYC it could give NFC the necessary boost to become very popular for a very iPhone-centric city.

      There seems to be a growing number of NFC-enabled devices that the iPhone could be used with if that counts for anything. I just don’t see what the big deal is for Apple to add an NFC chip since they can’t be all that expensive. I don’t remember if I’ve heard reasons for Apple not adopting NFC at all. I figured it was just one of those components that Apple had no intention of adding NFC programming to the OS and might as well not have a NFC chip instead of having it there doing nothing.

    2. Exactly why I would like to see NFC on an iPhone; I have an Oyster a Card for when I go to London, and other UK cities are looking to introduce similar NFC public transport ticket systems. Having the Oyster Card app allow the phone to have the same function as the card would be very useful; already the Tube ticket machines alert travellers to carry their Oyster Card separately from other cards, because the increasing use of NFC cashless payment cards is causing interference, and preventing cards to be read correctly.

    1. Just remember, Steve Jobs was in charge at that time and he had some strong opinions. If a company can’t adapt to change when necessary then that would be a major problem. There were instances when even Steve Jobs implemented changes he said he wouldn’t do. It was either because he changed his mind or wanted to throw off rivals. That we’ll never know for certain. Steve Jobs said he didn’t like small tablets but that was his personal opinion. As time went on he might have decided the trend of smaller tablets was good for the company and build them whether he liked them or not.

      I never like it when a company says they won’t do something and then does it. I think they should say nothing to begin with or say they don’t think it’s the right time for implementing a component or whatever. Never say never.

  2. Sigh. Apple’s NOT going the NFC route, because Apple would much rather promote its iBeacon hardware, not have to add another chip to its iPhone and take up even more space from the battery, and there are many other ways to accomplish the same goal without adding NFC.

    If NFC were coming, it would have been here by now.

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