Fittr app creates personalized workouts based on the equipment you already own

“Health and activity tracking via mobile devices is all the rage right now,” Daniel Bean reports for Yahoo Tech. “But what if you can’t decide what types of exercise you should be doing to reach your goals, with the limited equipment and space you have? That’s where the Fittr app comes into play.”

Fittr is like having your very own trainer yelling at you from inside your phone,” Bean reports. “And as a special trick, Fittrwill also build personal workout routines based upon your desired result and the amount of equipment you have on hand, if any.”

“You know the websites and apps where you can input the ingredients in your fridge, and they will spit out a recipe using only those ingredients?” Bean asks. “This is like the fitness version of that service.”

Read more, and see the screenshots, in the full article here.


  1. What if you decide, as most of the country has decided, that this fitness stuff is a PITA. There are more treadmills used as clotheslines in the basements of America.

    want a piece of exercise gear? Go to Goodwill. They are full of broken dreams.

    The most exercise you get it moving the stupid thing around.

    1. Or joining the local Y. It seems like Americans these days are taking their local resources for granted. Is it any wonder why some municipalities are cutting funding for their parks and recreation departments?

    2. When you’re young and active, then exercising for its own sake seems pretty pointless. When you’re older and the decades of a few extra calories and a slower metabolism begin to affect not only your appearance, but your energy level, you’ll probably think differently.

      I use my elliptical for an hour each morning, followed by a regimen of sit-ups/crunches, because I don’t care to go through retirement with an inner tube-sized mass of fat encasing my body.

      1. Good choices. My gym has literally hundred of regulars doing weights, treadmills, ellipticals, fixed equipment, spinning, yoga and on and on and packed 6 days a week,less on Sunday. Most are guys and ladies 20’s and 30’s but a lot my pops age. So easy to veg out any age.

  2. Software reviews need vetting or designation of general interest or sponsored link as the case may be. Does MDN really like this or just a random link to a story.

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