USPTO rejects parts of Apple’s auto-correct patent, $119 million payout by Samsung likely to be reduced

“In a new twist to the second Apple vs Samsung patent trial, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has rejected the specific part of Apple’s auto-correct patent that Samsung was said to have infringed,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “This effectively means that Samsung was ruled to have infringed a patent that is no longer valid.”

“The court awarded Apple $119,625,000 in damages – far below the $2B Apple had claimed,” Lovejoy reports. “It seems likely that this award will be reduced now that the basis for one of the three successful claims has been declared invalid.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The patent litigation has served its purpose. The details of this or that patent finding no longer matter.

Apple won the patent litigation war decisively.

Everybody on the planet with at least two brain cells to rub together now clearly understands Samsung phones and tablets are knockoffs of Apple’s revolutionary, paradigm-destroying innovations. Samsung has now irrecoverably damaged its brand with its parade of Apple knockoffs. Karmic.

The moment Samsung strayed from its “Copy Apple” strategy with the piece of crap plastic Galaxy S5, what happened? Massive sales and profit declines. The bottom line: Samsung is clueless without Apple to ape. Go back to copying Apple, Samsung. That’s all you’ve got and everybody knows it.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

Here’s what cellphones looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:
cellphones before and after Apple iPhone

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  1. The MDN take is confusing: “Everybody on the planet with at least two brain cells to rub together now clearly”
    Does that mean that Koh is operating on one brain cell? If so, is that one brain cell two many?

  2. MDN’s take????

    How did Apple win this patent litigation????

    I think there was certainly “enlightenment” from the hundreds of millions of dollars of litigation, and that Apple has devised solutions and is implementing them, to a devastatingly ending for Samsung and their ilk.

    Apple is going vertical folks. They are doing their own basic R&D and contract manufacturing for Materials, chips, and any other key differentiating feature of their products, making it impossible to be a “fast follower” in the likes of Samscum, Microsoft, et al.

  3. I agree, Apple didn’t win the war decisively. Lucy Koh’s ruling clearly showed the world that it’s very profitable and a great strategy to flagrantly copy innovators rather than innovate yourself.

  4. Apple got its butt kicked in the patent war. The cash judgment they are entitled to is not significant. The waste of capital on countless trials and courtroom procedures was a waste.

    Samsung and others do exactly what they do in all industries. They tie people up in court until the issue becomes irrelevant.

    Apple should have known better.

    Steve Jobs should have known better.

    You don’t win patent infringement cases in court. You win them in the marketplace.

    1. But by taking these infringements to court, Apple exposes the issue to the media and the public in a way that would otherwise result in people remaining ignorant of the blatant copying carried out by unscrupulous Asian manufacturers.

  5. Samsung still owes Apple 900 million from other court decisions. Pay up slavish copiers & IP thieves. Apple did the R&D. Apple went through long & expensive Patent Processes to achieve patents. Apple went to market first. Apple competed in the marketplace against copies of its’ own products which were cheaper because of little R&D by copiers & cheap constructed rip off products. Apple was forced into courts to seek legal recourse. Samsung should pay 900 million dollar settlement to Apple or be banned from selling their Apple copies in the marketplace.

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