Apple designer Richard Howarth gives a little back

“It’s always heart-warming to see someone doing something good for good reason, so hats-off to Apple industrial designer, Richard Howarth, who has donated an annual award of £4,250 to help young designers get into the creative industry,” Jonny Evans reports for Appel Must.

“Why is he doing it? It’s because in 1994 he won an RSA Student Design Award and received a bursary of £4,250, which he used to travel to Japan for a work placement with Sony,” Evans reports. “This week the RSA [Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce] is launching the inugural Richard Howarth Award. Howarth will donate £4,250 a year that will be split between two winners of the RSA Student Design Awards, who he will personally select.”

“The winners [this year] are Alec Machin, who is entering his fourth year of Product Design & Manufacture at the University of Nottingham and Joel August Stein, now entering his third year of Product & Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design,” Evans reports. “Richard personally selected the work based the winners’ outstanding enthusiasm and commitment to the practice and breadth of design.”

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    1. You are free out-donate his “chintzy” donation. Let us know how that works out.

      However, the amount doesn’t seem to be quite newsworthy. I know people who donate far more every single year while probably earning less than this individual yet they never receive any attention.

        1. However, he is a member of an elite group – the Apple Design Team. Apple may not have advertised this story, but it’s definitely appropriate news for an Apple-centric website.

          1. In fact I’m surprised Apple allowed this to become public. This guy spoke at the RSA last month. Normally those lectures are streamed live but this one was curiously unavailable for streaming. Which is a bummer because he talked about Apple’s new campus which would have been interesting to hear about.

    2. It was an individual donor – not Apple – and it’s an annual award. Usually, with setting up a recurring award/scholarship/anything like that, a multi-year deal is set-up, so it’s likely MUCH more than what is given out yearly.

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