Apple: July was record-setting month for App Store revenue

“Apple’s App Store saw record-setting revenue numbers in July,” CNBC reports.

“The Cupertino-based company also said that its App Store saw a record number of customers making transactions that month,” CNBC reports.

In December 2013, Apple said the App Store garnered over $1 billion in transactions.

Full article with video here.

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  1. It is quite significant, because the record month for App Store (as well as for Apple in whole) is always December, which is way bigger than summer months. To top December’s result now, is a great achievement.

  2. I helped… purchased a 2TB Time Capsule, Magic Trackpad and Bluetooth Magic Mouse. Aiming to help September record with iPhone 6 purchase and update my original iPad and update my late 2012 iMac with Yosemite to try out that whole Continuity thing!

  3. To put this in perspective: Apple said the App Store did 10B in 2013. So today’s annoucement puts the App Store on track for 12-15B for 2014.

    If you consider that the App Store is really a software seller, only 3 software companies are bigger: Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. I suspect in 5 years, the App Store will be #3, maybe in 10 #2. Not bad for a hardware company.

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