OS X Yosemite Beta: First impressions, installation tips, known issues, and bug fixes

Yesterday “marked the first day of Apple’s public beta testing program for OS X Yosemite, letting thousands of non-developers download the software for the first time. With so many new users, new issues and bugs in the beta are coming to light and being catalogued in our Yosemite forum,” Juli Clover reports for Mac Rumors.

“We’ve pulled out some user reactions from the forums to share, along with some tips on troubleshooting possible issues,” Clover reports. “For users having problems with the beta, the Yosemite forums can be an invaluable resource, and for users still debating whether or not to install the beta software, make sure to check out this post and our forums before taking the plunge as Yosemite is still somewhat unstable.”

“For users who have the iOS 8 beta installed on their iOS devices, MacRumors forum member Armen has put together a detailed walkthrough on how to set up Continuity and Handoff, new integration features introduced with the two new operating systems. Continuity appears to be largely functional for users with compatible machines, which have a Bluetooth LMP version of 0x6,” Clover reports. “Handoff does not appear to be working with 2011 MacBooks, but those machines do appear able to access SMS texts and phone calls.”

More info and links in the full article here.


  1. Just installed Yosemite on my spare MacBook Pro and love the new look, although it does seem very plain in comparison to Mavericks. This isn’t a complaint, it’s just different and I’ll get used to it very quickly. In fact, I love how the top of windows are reduced in height allowing content to be center stage.
    No issues installing. Really looking forward to testing it out more!!

      1. Using System Prefs:
        1-Go under Accessibility/display and check off increase contrast.
        2-Go to General and select use dark menu bar and Dock.

        Next, Right Click on the desktop and bump up the font size from 12 to 14. Do the same on the Finder.

        I think your 60 year old eyes will like what they see.

  2. Completely stunning look. I thought people who had been posting about how Yosemite is a major overhaul were over-reacting. They were not. It is visually stunning. It does, however, look far better on a Retina screen. I installed it on my 11″ Air and 15″ Retina Macbook Pro and it looks far better on the Retina.

  3. i miss my bar on the top of Safari with all my favs. Cannot see how to get it back. The look of Yosemite is definitely much like iOS 7. Which, depending on your feelings for iOS 7, could be good or bad. As for me, I am somewhere in the middle.

  4. Installed 10.10 on a VMware Fusion v 6.0.4 VM. Install went uneventfully and quickly, and looks great on my mid-summer 2010 iMac.

    Pretty fast for a vm, but numerous things like sound, mike and camera don’t connect through like Mavericks does, which I expected with a beta OS on a VM.

    I do like how it works, and my 61 year old eyes do really like the system font, it’s easy to read!

    1. Thank you for posting this… I was wondering if it could be installed on vmWare machine. Now I know!

      Unfortunately, I have Fusion 4 still. It’s wonky under Mavericks and I bet won’t run at all under Yosemite. Guess it’s time to upgrade!

    2. Question for you… Just go it installed and running in Fusion…

      Are you having any problems with screen drawing? There’s a horrible lag.

      What’s your virtual machine settings?

  5. I’m disappointed in the flat UI look that came on IOS and now yosemite. I know it’s the new thing but I just don’t like it. In fact it was a big reason I jumped ship on iOS. I also do not like how the dock stays has a solid background color on yosemite you cannot get rid of where mavericks doesn’t have that. I know Scott Forstell at Apple got fired for being outspoken about how he does not like the flat icons and the different icon themes and I agree with him. I just don’t like it but I don’t have a choice if I want to keep using mac operating system or iOS. Just feels like a step back to me and kind of cartoonish. Other than that I have not noticed a whole lot of difference. Just looks more like a visual overhaul with a few new features here and there that I probably won’t use much.

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