Random people on Hollywood Boulevard love Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Apple iWatch’

“There’s been so much excitement around what’s been called the iWatch or the iTime that TV host Jimmy Kimmel decided to have a little fun on Hollywood Boulevard,” MarketWatch reports.

“That’s where his team showed a few passers-by a device they said was Apple’s new smartwatch,” MarketWatch reports. “In fact, it was just a $20 Casio watch with an Apple logo on it.”

MarketWatch reports, “But people loved it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup, some people are still stupid/uninformed yet unafraid to speak on camera at length regarding subjects about which they know absolutely nothing (hopefully many informed people had to hit the cutting room floor for this one, but judging by the natural light in the video, it looks like Kimmel’s crew got all they needed for this segment pretty quickly). Yikes!

And, Jimmy, while we’re making fun of peoples’ ignorance: It’s “Apple.” It’s never been “Apple Computers.”


    1. I sort of got that too, but what I mostly got was this is why Apple is a sure bet to be above $100 a share very shortly. Trust is what Apple has gained with consistently superior products. Loved the guy who only cared that it had an Apple logo on the back. My kind of guy….

  1. Well, nobody in the video I saw above was all that excited about a watch that can tell time, date and has a timer and stopwatch. They politely agreed with the interviewer, and likely kept their opinion for themselves. If somebody did the same thing to me (showed me a product, purportedly coming from Apple, and asked if I liked the features it had), I would likely politely say that I did as well. This, obviously, assuming I don’t know much about Apple and their product release cycle.

    What the video proved (and the last two persons underscored this) is that over the years (decades), Apple has built such a powerful brand recognition that people are completely ready to trust that whatever Apple releases will be an amazing product. You cannot blame them for that; while fandroids and other Apple haters consider such people sheep, in reality, these people have been watching Apple release product after product that was awesome and far superior to anything competition released (with very, very few minor exceptions, such as the hockey-puck mouse, for example), that they have every reason to believe that a wrist watch made by Apple will be just as awesome and just as amazing as the iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac, Macbook Air and AppleTV that they already own.

    The people in this video aren’t stupid (as much as the Kimmel team was hoping to make them appear); they just trust Apple as a company and respect the brand, for all the good reasons we here already know well.

    1. Precisely! I find it amazing that people just don’t get that Apple’s big achievement is to gain this trust of customers. While it wasn’t always so, for the last ten years I know that when Apple says it has a great product, that I can believe it. Of course I’m loyal! Why wouldn’t I be?

  2. I thought Kimmel’s iPhone comments (before showing the “iTime” street video) were more clever and humorous.

    “I hate how well my current iPhone fits in my pocket right now; I wish it jutted…

    “The larger screens are great, because it will allow you to be about 30% more likely to be hit by a cab…

    “It’s actually a brilliant plan… In two years, they will release the iPhone mini, which is the size of the phones we have right now, and we’ll wait in line for like three days…”

    That IS brilliant. Except it will be a “sliver” in thickness (with a SMALLER screen), and named iPhone Air. There IS a great value in making a mobile phone as “mobile” as possible, not “jutting” out of my pocket and not looking ridiculous next to my head. 🙂

    I ride the “trailing edge” of technology, when it comes to smart phones. I just bought a used 32GB BLACK iPhone 3gs for $80 (total cost) on eBay, to replace my previous original (1st gen) iPhone (which I also bought used – still works). It looks almost new. I use it like an iPod touch that can make phone calls, and the “pre-paid” service costs me as little as $25 every 90 days (depending on my “talk time”). I think it’s great… ideal size. In about two years, I’ll get a used iPhone 4s. Two years later, iPhone 5s.

    I’m fine with the upcoming larger iPhones. I think they will make Apple a TON of profit, and I have no problem with that… Maybe by the time I’ve used my future (used) iPhone 5s for a few years (about six years from now), the trend will value actual “mobility” again. 😉

  3. These jokers are probably one out of 10-15 people with everyone else being more informed or more skeptical. Anyone can ask around a bit until you find a numbnuts who is just looking for their 15 seconds of fame

    1. You’re pretty much dead-on. I’ve read that they have to interview several dozen people just to find 2 or 3 idiots. Part of it is that some people just like the idea of being on TV and will say what they think the interviewer wants to hear.


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