Analyst: Apple could be ‘obsolete’ in three years

“Apple could be ‘obsolete’ in three years, due to increasing competition and ‘make-believe’ valuations in the technology sector, one analyst told CNBC on Thursda,” Arjun Kharpal reports for CNBC.

“Pedro de Noronha, managing partner at hedge fund Noster Capital, said he was unsure about the Silicon Valley-based company’s long-term potential,” Kharpal reports. “‘I need to know where a company is going to be in 5-to-10 years. I mean look at Apple, a company we all admire… I don’t know where they are going to be in three years,’ Noronha told CNBC in a TV interview. ‘It’s a very competitive landscape. They might become obsolete in two-to-three years, as we’ve seen with dozens of technology companies.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Pedro de who?



    1. Typical amateur that needs to get his name out and says something stupid on purpose. The same tactic Rocco Pendola used, except Rocco decided that insulting Tim Cook was a good idea. Anyone know where Rocco is now ?

    2. Really glad MDN has iCal’ed this. Although, if this writer was later proven to be a wise sage, it is unlikely that MDN would be around either to remind us. But, no worries for Tim – with his enormous wealth, it would not even occur to him that he presided over the demise of the once great company. All this is very sad.

      1. Always trying to find a way to diss Tim Cook and Apple, aren’t you JM? This post was far more subtle than your normal over the top material, but no less ridiculous.

        If you seriously believe that Tim Cook would not be affected by the demise of Apple, that it “…would not even occur to him” that he presided over the decline of a great company, then you do not understand Tim Cook or human nature, in general.

        Anonymous posts on MDN are free, and worth every penny.

    3. Apple “could” turn into a pet shop, laundromat, super market, fruit stand, discount warehouse, secret assassin agency, etc. too but those won’t happen either.

      Pedro go back to your fantasy filled siesta.

    4. Wait, wait . . . he’s saying Apple could be gone in 3 years simply because he doesn’t know what Apple is doing?

      Remind me NOT to invest in his hedge fund. After all, I don’t know what it will be investing in 3 years from now.

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