Rush Limbaugh’s favorite feature returned to latest iOS 8 beta

Among other things during his radio program, Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh recently discussed Apple and iOS 8, revealing his favorite iOS feature and his fear of it being removed from the shipping version of iOS 8. That fear has now been alleviated as the feature is back in Apple’s latest beta.

The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show, the highest-rated, most-listened-to talk-radio program in the United States with some 15 million weekly listeners, airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate radio stations. The program is also broadcast worldwide on the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Network.

From the live on-air transcript:

Okay. Attention those of you who listen to this program who happen to report what happens on this program when I say something about Apple, iPhone, iPad, iOS: If you report it to a really great blog called, you need to tell ’em that I was wrong. My favorite feature has been put back in iOS 8 in the new beta.

Rush Limbaugh - iOS 8I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. My favorite feature been put back, and I didn’t think it would be. I don’t know why, it’s one of those things I became pessimistic about, but it’s back, hopefully it stays, but I must say that I was wrong about it.

By the way, the MacDailyNews blog, I never did specify exactly what was taken out and what is now put back in because there’s a nondisclosure agreement that you must sign if you participate in the beta program. I did not specify what was taken out and I’ve never explained it to you… But I just wanted to correct the record. I was wrong. They did put it back in and I think it’s even been improved.

And, for those of you curious, try entering a calendar event an hour or two ahead, fake it, make up a lunch event, find a restaurant, put the address in there and then see if it shows up in the Next Destination section of the notification center, the Today section, see if it’s there, and you’ll see what I mean.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, so that’s where that Monday afternoon traffic surge came from. Welcome new readers and thanks for the mentions, Rush!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. Why is this relevant?

      I know, it’s so confusing! I’ll take a wild guess: Because the #1 radio program in the U.S. just discussed Apple, iOS, and MacDailyNews.

      Like it or not, Dems/Libs/Progs, Rush Limbaugh is a significant part of Apple’s success. He’s been promoting Mac since the darkest days and iPod, iPhone and iPad as soon as they appeared. Rush is one of Apple’s top champions.

      1. You’re right about Rush being an Apple champion, but you’re wrong about him being a ‘significant part of Apple’s success.’ That may be wishful thinking on your part, but that’s all it is.

        Did he help create some new Apple users over the years.? For sure he did, but that’s it. We’ve all done that in our own small way, and he’s done it in a bigger way but let’s not overreach here.

        Apple is successful because of the time and effort they put into each product they create. It’s not because of any one person.

        Waiting for the next name change. Will it be First 2016, Then 2018?

      2. Radio stations broadcast Limbaugh for one reason, it’s free! No fee is charged and nobody listens as he drones on, lie after lie after lie. An hour of on air time with no cost helps the bottom line.

        1. Whatever happened to Air America? Oh yeah, no one watched it.

          (Air America (formerly Air America Radio and Air America Media) was an American radio network specializing in progressive talk programming. It was on the air from March 2004 to January 2010.)

          1. Radio is an obsolete platform. What’s the age of his typical listener? And why is clear channel losing all kinds of money on his show? Hint: he’s so toxic, advertisers don’t want to be associated with his show.

            1. g. How do you know all this?

              Truckers all over listen to Rush. BTW so do most people who watch the truth on Fox.

              That’ll stir up the proletariate.

        2. ‘nobody listens as he drones on, lie after lie after lie.’

          You wish! Fifteen million of us true Americans listen daily. You libs just spread hate because you have no answer for the truth..

      3. Reducing politics to labels and sides is great if you can’t be bothered to understand each issue or overcome the tribal bias that one side is always correct.

        As for the actual two labels that have political power, Democrats and Republicans, they are each out for themselves, and spend most of their energy in internal fights and game playing against the other party, which is why the leaders they kindly offer to the public, for one of the few actual democratic votes, are seldom balanced.

        Democracy, as they say, is the worst form of government except for the rest. But not buying into labels, or giving your loyalty to political teams who have no loyalty except to themselves, ups the game.

      4. As I said, oh yea, their fearless and fact less leader.

        The oldest technology is also the most listen to by the most uninformed and misinformed people, conservative radio.

        There is only one man that can ever take credit for Apple’s success, Steve Jobs. It is his vision and drive that produced products that fits people’s needs perfectly.

        To think, let alone believe that someone such as Rush who’s been fired for racial comments and has a history of making inflammatory remarks against anything or anyone that is not white, Christian, GOP and male or business, that he would have even a fiber of credit in making Apple what it is today is off the charts.

        Rush can’t even sell his own ice tea in stores and has to sell it to his believers by the case load only because no store would dare carry it because of his reputation.

        1. You got it backwards.

          The most informed people listen to talk radio. And you do know talk radio supports all points of view. Critical thinking helps to digest radio, not so much with TV and newspapers.

          The rest of the media, spouts the same brainwash leftist dogma that goes like this. ONLY Dems are right about everything, living holier than thou perfect campus lives better and smarter than the rest. Yeah, right.

          Under O they have wrecked the USA in so many areas if you pay attention to statistics. HOPELESS after the CHANGE is present day reality.

          Rush tea commercial on local radio today offering it for sale at several area beer distributors for the first time. Stupid attempt on your part having nothing to do with tech and wrong again.

          Rush is the number one radio show, most likely, in history. You don’t spread hate and misinformation daily to sustain that status for over 20 years — common sense 101.

          FACT: his audience is LARGER than the COMBINED circulation of the top 100 newspapers in the U.S. Oh right, according to your view they are all stupid.

          No surprise you don’t listen to Rush and only repeat (parrot) what your lefty buddies tell you or read on left wing media. Critical thinking is not always easy, but certainly the only way to fly.

          Lastly, Rush is an Apple beta tester and the NUMBER ONE UNPAID MEDIA CHEERLEADER for Apple. Two IMPORTANT reasons how he helps Apple. Straw dog statement that he is not Steve is juvenile. Yes, he is not Steve, but that does not mean he cannot contribute, and DOES extremely well, in his own special way.

          Sorry that bothers you.

      5. The effect on sales of this group of computer products is not statistically measurable. This is where the term anecdotal comes from. Since there is no methodology for this measurement, your statement is only a little fairy tale.

        1. Why would Apple advertise on Rush show when they have the number one unpaid user/beta tester to sing praises on the largest radio audience in history?

          It is a beautiful thing. Rush conservative and Apple liberal making the world better together. It doesn’t get any better.

          But in your case, Google or DuckDuckGo: Bipartisan.

  1. 1. I love iOS’s Next Destination/Frequent Locations feature, too. It’s invaluable.

    2. Before the leftist crazies come out, Rush Limbaugh’s EIB Cure-a-Thon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has passed the $15 million mark with several million of those dollars coming from Rush himself.

    3. Congrats to MDN – that some valuable free advertising for my favorite site!

    1. It must really wig out the heavily liberal Apple board every time Rush pushes Apple on air. But, Rush is the biggest Apple celebrity doing FREE advertising for much more than 30 second time slots that people normally TiVo through. Get over it and as a “Publicly Traded Company” try saying thank you and maybe offer to do an interview with him. At least send of a few Apple tech support people when he sees a problem and talks about it on air. I like FREE advertising from a long time well known trusted Apple user that gives away NEW Apple products when he sees a need or just for fun!

      1. Rush is a popular radio entertainer who happens to be conservative and supports those points of view. Controversy for him means ratings. Ratings means happy advertisers and staying on the air.

        Why doesn’t the liberal base support their own radio effart? Peculiar. I am not on the right (more center) but I am an American and all points of view should be heard like it or not. Those who stifle opposing points of view should be stifled themselves and not bother calling themselves Americans

        So yeah thanks Rush for supporting Apple! It’s good to see people from all walks of life supporting Apple. You can appreciate what Apple does regardless of dogma, politics, race, creed or color.

    2. Leftist crazies? Really? And another guy respecting the NDA?

      Jeff, Michael Jackson donated much more money in his lifetime than Rush has to numerous causes, that doesn’t make Michael a ‘great’ guy in every sense of the word, in case that’s what you’re implying.

      I would supply a Rush quote here to show that an endorsement from this guy should be nothing to be proud of, but I’ll resist. I think my favourite one though was the one about Michael J. Fox. Yeah, that was a good one.

        1. Here’s the quote since you asked:

          “He is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He’s moving all around and shaking and it’s purely an act. … This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn’t take his medication or he’s acting.”

          The Context:
          It was Rush’s response to the fact that Fox was endorsing a Missouri Democrat who supported stem cell research, something that could potentially help with diseases like Parkinson’s

          The Reason?
          You tell me.

          You never disappoint…

            1. It’s my favourite, because it effectively illustrates how unfortunate it is that that some people, (yourself perhaps?), will continue to support Rush, despite him saying such hateful things about so many things, minorities, women, it goes on and on.

              Mocking someone with a diagnosed disease and accusing them of ‘faking it’, cannot be justified. Period.

              Yet right here, right now, and as expected I might add, people are trying to justify those very comments, explain it was taken out of context and so on. Rush has since said he meant it, so it wasn’t taken out of context at all.

              He’s a terrible man. Terrible.

          1. I remember that….

            then years later, there is this…

            Even Fox in this video clip, and he looks pretty good and I wish him the best, says he’s “on and off” So, the political ad he did, they did when he was off versus waiting when he was on… that is what Rush was commenting on.

            Would McCaskill and Fox think a more strident, tempered, under control person version of Fox be just as effective then the one they ran with where he couldn’t sit still???

            1. Wow. Just wow. Good to know you ‘wish him the best’. You’re just awesome you are. How much more in-sincere can you get? Hmm?

              And that is NOT what Rush was commenting on. Rush was commenting on someone with a disease ‘faking it’ for the camera.

              Perhaps you should read up a little more on how this disease, and in particular the medicine itself, can cause some of these tremors. You can also read about how when they shot his appearances in Boston Legal for instance, they scheduled around these episodes that occurred.

              You don’t always have the choice to tell a disease, or the medicine you area taking to treat it, to settle down so you can do a commercial. You realize how crazy that sounds right?

              With tremors or without this guy is a valiant individual who has done everything he can to further the well-being of others with not only Parkinson’s but other diseases as well. The commercial would have worked either way.

              To suggest someone with a legitimate illness is ‘faking it’, is bullshit.

            2. And to hide behind feigned outrage to make a point is bullshit also.

              If you don’t agree with the Conservative outlook on life, so be it. But to intentionally misconstrue the intent of a person’s words really does make you look a little foolish. I say intentionally because you haven’t looked at what he said in context, only through the prism of MediaMatters or others.

              Do you think he was making fun of MJF? He was a fan of the show and actor, so why would he make fun or disparage? What would be the upside to that?

              Here are a few things you left out;
              This wasn’t about ‘stem cell research’. Everybody with any sense is for that. Why would Rush make light of MJF for supporting that?
              It was about EMBRYONIC stem cell research. What’s the difference? Using aborted fetuses to test. Sickening.

              He was showing how MJF was twitching, knowing that he doesn’t always do that. Was he right to do that? Maybe, maybe not, but the intention was to call attention to how different he was behaving in front of a panel (without medication) vs with. Maybe MJF was illustrating the effects, and that would be a good way to do it-

              However, Rush was live on air and saw this and was perplexed. I happened to be listening that day. Radio, no video, so I saw no images but heard him describe it. Then he went back to what he was talking about. No big deal.

              Now, here is my point. You may disagree with the Tea Party, Rush, Conservatism, religion, the Constitution, morals or whatever and that is your right. You might even have some points worth discussing, but this isn’t one of them. The intent of Rush that day was not to malign Mr. Fox but just one of bewilderment.

              Spin it how you want, but look at the actual transcripts and video (not the edited ‘back and forth’ I saw on MSNBC). Rush might have been wrong, but he was NOT trying to disparage Michael.

              Now, I am not trying to convert you, but this episode was not what you hope it was. Move along, find another one, and try to mold it into a left-wing talking point.

              Good luck….

            3. A. It’s not ‘feigned, it’s what’s called passionate and legitimate. Your saying Rush was bewildered, so that justifies him making a statement like that, doesn’t make it ok. Sorry.

              Read the words in the quote you wanted. Read them however you want. They would never be ok in any context, ok? Upside down, sideways, any way.

              B. I did not leave out any salient points. I don’t care what kind of research MJF or anyone else is supporting, that’s up to them.

              I’m not going to accuse a known disease-sufferer of milking their disease for a cause. You see how moronic that is, right? Attempting to marginalize someone who is also a victim? Rush could be totally right and legit in not supporting embryonic or any other type of stem cell research by simply saying so, and that’s it. Making any sense to you yet?

              B. There are plenty of Conservatives who have values that do not align with this guys values. This guy is on the extreme side, and does not represent the majority I’m pretty sure.

              C. This is not the episode that I ‘hoped it was’. It stands on its own as legitimate event that took place, no back-pedalling changes that fact. It happened. I’m not spinning it or whatever you think I’m doing. You asked for an example, I gave you an example. I’m not astonished you support what he said, not surprised at all in fact. The fact you heard it at the time and still support what he said is exactly what I would expect from you.

              D. This was not a story about birds or wings, left or right, this was a story about Rush Limbaugh, and the fact he could use some work on being a better human being.

            4. It’s not that I ‘support’ what he said.
              It’s that I don’t agree with your interpretation, which is childish.

              But if it makes you feel better, I’ll let you in on a little secret……
              Conservatives HATE cripples. And Gays. And Coloreds.
              Now, just how moronic does that statement sound to you?
              Or do you believe it?

              Again, you talk about all the horrible things the man has said, you give one example, and have to take it out of context to make a point.

              It may help you to sleep at night, or when you discuss politics with friends, or when you rationalize the sad state our country is in (damn you Bush!!!), but again, in taking a sentiment out of context to push a non-existent scenario, you marginalize any seriousness your point of view could offer, so-
              sleep well, knowing that TeaBaggers are savin’ bullets and growing mullets to kill commies, coloreds and Al Kaduh…..because your mindset can’t handle what is really happening.

              (also, your B part 2 [?] point is completely wrong. Most Conservatives could go 6 months without talking to each other or listening to anything save C-SPAN and still have the same opinions on most issues. It’s called “core values” and it isn’t affected by which direction the winds blow….)

              Now, pick another episode to tirade against….you weren’t too successful here (but that wan’t the point, was it….?)

      1. jejune! juvenile! puerile! immature!

        where did you acquire your knowledge about the confidential charitable contributions of jackson and limbaugh?

        and just in passing, why do you suppose fox’s latest tripe had such an embarrassingly short run.

        1. What is immature here? What don’t you get?

          You need simple apparently, so here goes:

          The discussion of Rush’s contributions were in response to an earlier poster – Jeff’s – dollar-value reference to what Rush has accomplished for his own charities. And bravo for Rush. Over $15 million dollars raised. That’s great.

          This seemed to imply that Rush can say and do anything because of that, thus the MJ reference, whose numerous contributions are well-documented. If you’re not aware of the many, many things he contributed to throughout his, life look it up.

          Though I loved him as a fan, it still doesn’t excuse some of the other things he may have done.

          My point is this: Raising money for charities, though noble, doesn’t give you the right to be an ass, racist, homophobe, etc.

          As far as Fox’s latest show, big deal it didn’t catch on. Not everything is always a success. Not sure if you’re taking another shot at the guy or not. Probably.

  2. I’m glad Next Destination is back in iOS 8 – I use it everyday. I think more people use it than Limbaugh thinks.

    Fun fact: Limbaugh’s weekly listeners are 2X that of paid Obamacare enrollees. And many of those were forced into Obamacare as their old insurance plans were made illegal.

    1. Are you seriously confused as to why a radio presenter with the highest-rated, most-listened-to talk-radio program in the United States with some 15 million weekly listeners mentioning iOS 8, Apple, and MacDailyNews is being covered here?

    2. What hate? I don’t see any hate. I see only love for Apple, iOS 8 and MDN.

      Why do you see hate? I think you wish to see hate, that’s why you see it where none exists.

      1. I think the hate he’s referring to is all the hate Rush spouted throughout a long hate-fueled career, targeting women, gays, black people, Jews, Mexicans, liberals, the President, and many others, to justify his narrow partisan political opinions.

        1. You lie. And, if you haven’t noticed, the current president is an idiot who deserves much scorn – especially since he still gets virtually no criticism from a sycophantic and broken mainstream media.

            1. The context usually makes them worse. Like him say “the ocean can take care of itself” in the context of an oil spill and a long diatribe of science denial about its effects. Or him saying “did you know there is also a White House dog?”, in the context of holding up a picture of Chelsea Clinton at 13 years old. Or calling a graduate student a “slut” and “prostitute” for wanting to speak to Congress about contraceptives in the context of medical treatment for cysts. Or say “Cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease. Nothing wrong with saturated fats,” in the context of that being dangerous misinformation directly contradicting established medicine. Then, there is all those incredibly blatant racist remarks about blacks, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans – maybe you can explain away some of this with “context” or “just humor”, but all that racist crap that keeps flying from his mouth? That’s so much rationalization, just to avoid admitting that obviously this guy is a terrible person who habitually says terrible things.

            2. “Or calling a graduate student a “slut” and “prostitute” for wanting to speak to Congress about contraceptives in the context of medical treatment for cysts. Or say “Cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease. Nothing wrong with saturated fats,” in the context of that being dangerous misinformation directly contradicting established medicine. Then, there is all those incredibly blatant racist remarks about blacks, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans – maybe you can explain away some of this with “context” or “just humor”, but all that racist crap that keeps flying from his mouth”

              You are wrong about every one of these. Of course, the ocean will always take care of itself, one way or another…eventually.

              I have no clue about the Chelsea quote.

            3. If I’m “wrong about every one of these,” then go ahead and CORRECT me. Please, do tell, what was the reasonable, non-terrible, reason he had for calling that student a “prostitute” and “slut” when she was actually wasn’t one? I’m curious what possibly makes that acceptable in some people’s minds.

              The ocean taking care of itself “one way or another”: some part of you must recognize that’s complete horse-shit, right? If “one way or another” includes anything like losing valuable food resources and causing beach dwellers to get extremely sick, that’s not really the ocean “taking care of itself” – that’s the ocean getting so fucked up that it’s fucking over many innocent people. It’s only “taking care of itself” as far as whoever say that can be a weaselly dishonest shill, willing to ignore practical reality, to arrive at some weird overly-litteral abstraction that just happens to serve the oil industry at the expense of everyone else. Taking care of itself … you should do the world a favor, and “take care of yourself” by chugging a few pints of crude oil.

            4. OK.
              That ‘student’ was a full grown 30 year old woman, not some fresh-out-of high school girl, which means she is old enough to support her sexual lifestyle (and by the way, it wasn’t about birth control, most women can get that through the state or their insurance. It is about living a slutty lifestyle at the expense of taxpayers).

              The ‘prostitute’ aspect was in wondering why she needed SO MANY condoms. As far as slut, how do you define one?

              Another thing, she wasn’t speaking before Congress per se, she was a last minute fill in to grandstand that wasn’t on the list, was not allowed to address the committee (there are rules for this sort of thing….except, of course, for liberals) and subsequently spoke to a bunch of Democrats in a PR stunt acting like they were in a meeting. It was total BS and you fell for it.

              Now, the ocean thing. I didn’t say the effects of the ocean taking care of itself didn’t affect animal life or that is would be quick, so in a macro sense, it fixes itself. Should we just throw whatever shit we want into it and see? Of course not.

              As far as your reasoning goes, nothing should be done in the oceans, cargo ships, drilling, houses along the shore, farming along rivers, they all have effects on the ocean, and it washes most of it clean. Get a clue.

  3. Am I the only left-leaning person on here who doesn’t have a problem with MDN reporting this? I mean, come on! He mentioned MDN on-air! That alone is worth reporting for MDN! And, frankly, Rush is just as reputable a source of Apple commentary as the idiot squads at Motley Fool, Business Insider, and so on, and I’d take him over a troll like Rocco Pendola any day of the week.

    It has nothing to do with who Rush is as a human being, or what his political allegiance is. He just happens to be someone with a huge platform discussing Apple and MDN. Get over yourselves. Not everything is part of some great political war.

    1. It’s about values, and guilty by association. It’s beyond politics. This is a disgusting man. So MDN is a whore prostituting itself by selling ads and endorsing sexist homophobes and more ads than content on its own site? It’s about right and wrong. I suppose exiled dictators in Argentina can get a heads up too if they wanted…

  4. Rush rocks and I’ve been following him since ’89 when he first went national. I do believe he’s had some contribution to Apple’s success, but just think what he could have done if they’d chosen to advertise on his show or make him a spokesman for the conservative audience?!! Apple would have grown faster and maybe could have had a better run at the corp world too!

  5. That feature, the system grabbing mapping destinations from future events, had been in iOS 7 as well. In fact it was one of the first hidden features that surprised me, when I noticed how the system was picking up connected information.

    (Maps would pick up an address given in an email, as well as an address given in a text message)

      1. Thanks for the welcome. I bought it online from the Apple site, there is only one store in my state and I didn’t feel like driving that far. I ordered it Wed. and got it Friday (shipped from Memphis, TN). In all the years I have been using computers this is the first time I ever described one as being beautiful and the MBA certainly is. I am enjoying the heck out of my new MBA!

  6. I despise that pompous sexist pig, and it is disgusting how MDN takes his money and sucks on his butt. My “favourite/” favorite quote- his remarks about Chelsea Clinton. Real classy guy, targeting children. Pretty much everything he says and the way he says it is despicable and embarrassing. Liberlas don’t listen to AM radio- the rightwingers have cornered that market. And in terms of equating quantity with quality- check out today’s pop music top 40. 10 million idiots can be wrong.

  7. I don’t get it. How the fsck is this relevant news?

    Who cares what that fat, stupid, bigoted, idiot who spews hatred and ignorance to a clusterfsck of complete and utter douchebag followers, thinks?

    1. As if the statement, “stupid, bigoted idiot who spews hatred and ignorance to a clusterfsck of complete and utter douchebag followers” isn’t stupid, bigoted, idiocy spewing hatred and ignorance, you complete and utter douchebag clusterfsck.

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