How iOS 8 will unlock the power of Apple’s Touch ID

“As iOS 8 — and, presumably, new iPhone and iPad hardware — approaches its release day, big changes are on the horizon for Apple’s Touch ID, a technology that has been met with less enthusiasm than it deserves,” Marco Tabini reports for Macworld.

“In iOS 7, Touch ID can only be used to unlock your iPhone and make purchases from the App Store,” Tabini reports. “With the launch of the next version of its mobile operating system, Apple is extending the same functionality to third-party apps, making it possible for you to use your finger in lieu of a login and password for many other services and apps.”

Tabini reports, “Starting with iOS 8, you will be able to use Touch ID to grant an app access to the keychain, thus avoiding having to remember all sorts of different passwords, while still retaining a high degree of security.”

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  1. The Username and Password situation is completely out of control. If it isn’t the Industry’s Number One Problem (other than email) I don’t know what is.
    Hopefully Touch ID is Apple’s baby steps to overcoming the Identification Monster.

  2. The most interesting and needle moving app for iOS 8 will be “iPay” system. Apple is working with top international financial firms to roll out comprehensive payment system. This is not an iTunes expansion this will be competing with credit card companies such as Amex, etc… and other digital payment services.

    I know I will be switching to iPay as I am tired of having to change my Credit Card because the number was stolen from a website without proper protection/security measures or by the waiter/waitress taking my card for processing without due care.

  3. I hope it’s for the immediate purchase only, and not left available for unintended purchases. I really wouldn’t expect Apple to not build in a limiting factor.

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