Apple orders unprecedented number of iPhone 6 units

“Earlier today, Taiwan’s Business Weekly reported that the amount of iPhone 6 orders is unprecedented, and it is in fact twice as large when compared to the iPhone 5,” Mihai Matei reports for G 4 Games.

“The publication has not specified whether the aforementioned orders are for the 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch model, so it could be that the report refers to both, combined,” Matei reports. “Either way, earlier rumors have indicated that shipments will be anywhere between 60 and 80 million, but Business Weekly now estimates that the first iPhone 6 batch / order will be of at least 68 million units.”

“The device(s) will allegedly enter mass production in July,” Matei reports. “Foxconn and Pegatron’s chairmen, Terry Gou and Tung Tsu-hsien respectively, have supposedly been notified by Apple in regards to the production plan since the second week of June.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Let the ramp up proceed unabated! A Beyond Category 5 typhoon looms for slavish copier Samsung. Finally, justice will be brutal. 🙂

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarah” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Idiot. Apple have more available units at launch than any other manufacturer. This is outstanding in itself but even more incredible given the quality and precision of the product.
      Demand for the iPhone has always been huge and each year Apple exceeds the number of units at launch.

      1. I stopped reading after the first word. Anyone who is so uncivil in his response doesn’t deserve to be heard. How is it that people think that throwing out such insults are a productive way to communicate? Pathetic form, doggonetoo.

        1. You should have kept reading. He claimed that you were a very intelligent, handsome generous human being. But since you only read the first fucking word, I guess you wouldn’t know that. Now would you? Idiot!

    2. Yes. But they have been pretty good at planning recently. The iPhone 6 has a lot of pent-up demand. That being said, the 5.5″ is NOT an iPhone. It’s a new iPod… or iPad nano.

  1. I wonder if Apple would price these so contract prices would be $99 for th 4.7 and $199 for the 5.5 out of the gate. That would help push tons if units (on top of everything else). They’ve got the economies of scale, the profit margins, and would be another thermonuclear move towards Android.

    1. I doubt it. This isn’t Apple MO. Any decent business will charge as much as they can for a product. It’s called not leaving money on the table.
      Apple will be pricing the larger phones at current or higher prices, especially at launch. Maybe in a 9 months time special deals will be available through select vendors to reduce inventory before the next release.
      Apple’s goal is to squeeze the competition. First release a comparable product that is higher quality and charge a premium for it. Apple then capture the high end market. Then reduce price slowly over time to push the competitors out. Each step is design to get the highest revenue possible and maintain margins as the product matures.

        1. It does. You said out of the gate, not over seven years, so I don’t understand your point.

          Also, each revamp carries a lot of up-front costs. The second iteration (the ‘S’ model year) is much less costly. So it’s quite unlikely that the revamp year will be a time when Apple discounts it.

          But even so, why worry about “pushing tons of units”? Apple will sell every one they can build for quite some time. The “pushing tons of units” strategy does not seem to be working out so well for Samsung these days.

    2. I think it’s more like the 4.7 will be $200 with 2 yr contract ($645 t-mobile), the 5.5 will be $300 ($745 t-mobile)…

      The 5.5 will obviously bump into the 7.9 inch iPad mini… so that extra $100 will make up for some of it…

      In no way will the 4.7 start out cheaper than the iPhone 5/5s at their debuts… and goes back even further than that…

  2. Please folks, when Samsung has faded and become irrelevant, please please still keep boycotting those bastards. I will never buy another Samsung product ever, and I look down on people that have them. Don’t help them make crime.

    1. Thanks for bringing up that point. MDN in true modern day Amurdercan fashion is following the media trend evoking all sorts of destructive imagery.

      A few days ago MDN posted a link to an article composed by Taylor Swift, an artist, songwriter where she talked about the future of music. The headline of the original article contained the word “love” and this sentence: “I haven’t been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone with a front-facing camera.”

      The MDN headline: Taylor Swift: Apple iPhones killed the celebrity autograph.

      That and the constant barrage of destructive imagery constantly propelled at this site such as the typhoon references is quite indicative of some serious distortion away from a healthy outlook that’s for sure. It is of course not limited to MDN, heck there was an article the other day with the headline: Wall Street Killed the Cupcake.

      It’s all kill kill kill with these Amurdercans, and killing a process or killing an inanimate dead object sure sets off the moron detectors.

      So MDN, not quite realizing the effects of karma posted up a headline a day or two ago about a 15 year old girl being killed while trying to retrieve her stolen iPhone.

      They have been warned, but as redundant as they are, it just hasn’t sunk in and here they are with the class 5 typhoon reference when they could have promoted a luscious life generating growth analogy for the number of unprecedented iPhone 6 units.

      So no doubt there will be a blessed hurricane that will hit the US coast soon and we’ll see just how much of mother nature’s beatings it will take before they wake up, that is if they ever do wake up.

      1. Time was, Road Warrior, when the blood ran crimson and free from MDN’s virtual pen, with its lurid “blood on the clickwheel/touchscreen” catchphrases and graphics.

        Yes, those were the good old days of roadkill, zombies and crushed skulls.

        But when violent imagery escalates to the level of natural disasters affecting a million people, it tends to desensitise readers to real, existential horror experienced by nature’s victims.

        Far, far better to stay the course, to keep revenge fantasies within the bounds of human competition.

        There is no excuse for using natural disasters as metaphors in mass marketing, except for the indecent one that they were dreamed up by upstarts unscarred by experience or empathy.

  3. The article states the 68 million number is twice the amount of 5’s ordered in the first batch. Let’s assume the first batch covers phones sold during that calendar year. If that is true then Apple probably sold about 8 million 5’s in the September 2012 quarter. This means they sold roughly 26 million iPhone 5’s and 23 million iPhone 4s’s and 4’s in the December 2012 quarter for a total of 49 million.

    My guess is Apple is forecasting at least 20-25 million iPhone 6 phones to be sold in the September 2014 quarter and 43-48 million iPhone 6’s in the December 2014 quarter. Adding sales from other models it looks like they are forecasting around 70 million iPhones to be sold in the December 2014 quarter. This is huge.

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