Beleaguered Microsoft’s Windows Phone: Dead as a doornail

“I think it’s time for Microsoft to concede defeat in the smartphones war. As a latecomer to the game, it has got off to a bad start partnering up with Nokia , pumping out subpar phones one after another on a weak ecosystem,” William Feng writes for Seeking Alpha. “Its failure to gain traction in its collaboration with Samsung and HTC provides further testimony to this truth. And recently, the numbers are out.”

Feng writes, “The Windows Phone is dead as a doornail.”

“Based on the latest statistics from Kantar Worldpanel, market share for Windows OS phones has seen declines in many key regions such as the U.S., China, UK, and Germany,” Feng writes. “In the United States, market share for Windows phones has dropped almost 30% from 5.3% to 3.8% over the past four months. In China, it’s even worse; market share has dropped 40% from 1% to 0.6%. In Germany and the UK, market share has dropped 20% from 7.5% to 5.9% and from 11.3% to 9.1%, respectively.”

“With its abysmal number of users, Microsoft will continue to have a hard time persuading developers to create apps for its ecosystem. And without apps, consumers will not want to buy its devices. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s only going worse,” Feng writes. “To see how big the app disparity is currently, take a look at WPCentral’s recent comparison of the Windows App Store with Apple’s App Store. The author has found that out of the top 25 apps from iOS, Microsoft has only 6 of them available in its app store.”

“6 out of 25,” Feng writes. “It’s beyond pathetic.”

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    1. MS believe’s its own BS.

      MS simply does not know the deep gut wrenching fear inducing effect users have from a decade of punches in the stomach coming from random BSODs and its effect on the minds of users.

      The effect is summed up in a 4 letter word: FEAR.

  1. Had he stepped down as CEO at the time of this video MS might have stood a chance of not fading into irrelevance as they are. As far as Apple competition goes, MS is the lesser of 2 evils when compared with google so I wish them all the best with windows 9 and whatever they decide to with mobile in the future. They have seen the 1 size fits all windows 8 was a bad idea so it will be interesting to see where they go

  2. If Microsoft ever stops to wonder why it lost in this market…just watch this interview. The smugness and arrogance of Ballmer and their ‘strategy’ says it all. Never gets old.:)

    1. I would say “nervous contemptuous arrogance.” He KNEW they were caught with their pants down and had to minimize the impact in his inimitable feeble laugh-it-off way. Only it didn’t work and now for all time his hubris is preserved on the Internet and he looks even more disingenuously buffoonish than usual.

      Another one was Ballmer T. Clown trying to show off an unreleased tablet in the HP Slate as their answer to another paradigm shifting Apple product the iPad. Only HP of course never released the Slate – D’Oh!

      Late to the party now is almost always the kiss of device death, unless you’re Apple who redefines the space. Not like the old days where you might catch up.

      Wow, such a nice headline to wake up to!

      1. And what about Microsoft’s Courier project? That might have given iPad a run for the money, but some jackass shot it down. Such was, and is, the fate of innovation at massively blinkered Microshaft.

          1. At the time, many of us did enjoy mocking Microsoft for its ‘vapourware’, but the product was $23M deep in development, steps away from a product announcement, before (essentially) Bill Gates did a thumbs down, and Ballmer shuttered the project in favour of Windows 8 everywhere. Jay Greene pieced together the inside story.

  3. Was in a mall over the weekend with both an Apple and MS Store. Only about 20 people in the MS Store – no one looking at phones, others either playing with Xboxes or curious about the new Surface Pro 3. Did not see one single purchase.

    Then I went to the Apple Store. Packed to the max with hundreds of people. People buying iPads, MacBooks, iPhones in droves. It got to a point where there wasn’t even much room to move. And this was a larger than average store.

    The proof is there – MS is DEAD. Apple is still hotter than hot. And the nail in the coffin will be the iPhone 6 and OS X 10. Goodbye, Microsoft – you’ve sucked for a long, long time – now it’s time to just fade away for good.

    1. I see the same thing every time in go to the Mall. The MS store is right across from the Apple Store at the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara CA. Barely anyone in the M$ store and the Apple store is packed to the brim.
      Apple do really need to increase the footprint of the store though. It is half the size of the M$ one and contains 10X more customers. Definitely a vibrant place but could be more comfortable for the customers.

    2. The funny part is Microsoft intentionally placed their stores in the same proximity as Apple stores to draw away Apple’s customers to their stores.
      Karma is a bitch! ūüėČ

    1. My idiot cousin has one. A couple of clients have them. And they actually swear by them. One of my clients is a stubborn IT techie and refuses to go Apple (after all these years of MS mediocrity). But I will say this – the Windows Phone 8.1 has a much larger ecosystem of apps than Windows OS 8.1 Modern UI – in fact the disparity between the two are striking. Still, it doesn’t hold a candle to iOS 7 and is definitely dying.

    2. I’ve never seen one either, but if I wasn’t allowed an iPhone for some strange reason I’d take a look at Windows phone as at least it shows some originality over Android.

    3. I am one of those strange, aliens who owns his third Windows phone. I have tried multiple iOS and Android devices and I disliked them all. WP8 does what I need a phone to do. Microsoft’s difficulty in this space can be summed up in two words: Abysmal Marketing.

      1. “Abysmal Marketing.”

        Apple spent about 1 billion in marketing 2013, Microsoft over 2.5 billion. Msft spends near 3 times apple every year.
        (check the yearly stats and charts at Asymco).
        Doesn’t even count ad dollars spent by Win phone allies like Nokia.

        So it’s not as if they didn’t spend enough ad dollars‚Ķ.
        obviously Marketing is ANOTHER thing Msft sucks at…

    1. Their modern smart phone with it’s current mobile OS WAS late to the game which is why they are in their current rounding error market share pickle. The Windows Mobile OS before it was a wonderful example of lazy mediocrity and they paid the price for their lack of vision, as a certain Emperor once said. It’s so nice when tech justice is finally applied.

  4. A monopolistic power finds self-renewal hard and to maintain it’s dominance it tries to leverage it’s monopoly into other areas. Eventually, loss of focus becomes its own source of irrelevance and decline. Next in line – Search giant Google.

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