In new video, purported ‘iPhone 6’ sapphire display undergoes extreme torture test

“Hours after a video purportedly revealed Apple’s rumored sapphire crystal ‘iPhone 6’ display on Monday, another short film hit the Web, this time putting the supposed part through a battery of torture tests that included knives, keys and extreme bending,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“Uploaded to YouTube by tech vlogger Marques Brownlee, the video mirrors today’s earlier post by taking a close-up look at the purported iPhone 6 display, but goes further by attempting to scratch, bend and break the part,” Campbell reports. “The display performed surprisingly well and came out of testing unscathed. ”

Campbell reports, “Brownlee said the component is made of sapphire crystal and came straight off Apple’s assembly line in Asia, but provided little evidence to support his claims.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Hell – if it is durable plastic – please replace my Gorilla glass with it. Slightly twisted my iPad Mini and it snapped like a twig. It was two months old and $165 repair – ridiculous. Won’t buy another without an in store flex test.

  1. It is not an “extreme torture”. Usual Gorilla glass perfectly survives keys, scissors and knifes, too. But not sand — the one thing that tester “forgot” to test. Sapphire crystal survives sand perfectly, but this not shown at all.

    1. Not that I don’t believe everything that you’ve said, but could you point to some video that shows Gorilla Glass as scratch-resistant as what we have just seen?

      Because based on what I have seen of it (my friend just slept on his iPhone 5s and cracked it right up the middle) I am not buying it.

  2. Marques is an extremely bright young man. Does some of the best analysis and reviews on the internet generating millions of hits. Based on following him for years now, if he believes it’s the real thing, it’s the real thing. Sonny Dickson, the purported source for the glass is also a reputable source for info and samples.

    1. unscathed |ˌənˈskāT͟Hd|
      adjective [ predic. ]
      without suffering any injury, damage, or harm: I came through all those perils unscathed.

      Think that means it DID perform extremely well.

      1. The usage of the word well suggests, when quantified, a high number relative to, for example, 100%. Unscathed is a binary situation, meaning it either succeeded or did not. If it did, then we’re at 100%. In other words, the polarity of unscathed/scathed is dealing in absolutes such as yes or no, 0% or 100%, etc. Well is not an absolute value.

        Perfectly= 100%
        Well= some value close to 100%.

  3. That video is from a video blogger who was on twit tv.

    Basically he’s a teenage kid who thinks he’s some sort of tech guru.

    He loves with his parents and just does you tube videos.

    He’s got no credibility – he did a review of a product and had never even used it – says it all doesn’t it?

    Totally fake, there’s no way on earth he would get an actual iPhone 6 part from apple for testing.

    1. Hey gay fanboy – who’s the stupid shit.

      I never even watched it as I know the guy is a total fraud and freeloader.

      Makes me laugh when people so young think they are ‘experts’.

      Well news for you asshole, to be defined as an ‘expert’ in anything you have to have spent over 10,000 hrs doing that one thing.

      In that case he would have been doing tech reviews when he was 2yrs old.

      What a twat.

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