Candid photos of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other tech titans posted online

“In 1985, Ronald Reagan was president of the United States, you could see Back to the Future in the theater for less than three bucks, and a 30-year-old Steve Jobs was being forced out of Apple,” Thu-Huong Ha reports via “Doug Menuez was a 28-year-old photographer who had become obsessed with Jobs’ story.”

“So he asked a somewhat ridiculous question and got an equally ridiculous answer: Would Jobs let Menuez photograph him as he built the education-focused computer platform NeXT?” Ha reports. “Yes.”

“So Menuez spent the next three years photographing the tech pioneer – and then went on to shoot leaders from seventy other tech companies” Ha reports. “His new book [Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985-2000] features many of the images and chronicles fifteen years of technology innovation and the founders of then-fledgling companies.”

The Day Ross Perot Gave Steve Jobs $20 Million. Fremont, California, 1986. - Doug Menuez
The Day Ross Perot Gave Steve Jobs $20 Million. Fremont, California, 1986. – photograph via Doug Menuez/Getty Images/Stanford University Libraries

More info and photographs in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill Connolly” for the heads up.]


  1. Robust, healthy… I guess this was during his two poached hamsters on a bed of rice diet. Then he started eating gravel
    and celery and got the boot from Apple. Now it has become
    a lesson to us all: there are better sources of minerals for
    a balanced diet than trying to consume the driveway on the
    greens-n-rocks method. Those hippies, sheesh.

      1. oh jesus, what was I thinking…(runs into the ballroom,
        falls to knees in an act of repentance. The music stops,
        all the gallant lords and ladies stop twirling to turn
        to look at the tragic figure, threadbare, ragged;
        a buzz harshed on and made to desperate flesh..
        he raises his arms beseechingly, mouth
        quivering to speak..)
        I…I…don’t think I could eat hamsters or gravel…
        even… if… my impulsive nature…. compelled me
        thusly…forgive….forgive…(falls on his face, sobbing…)

        Mel, d’ya think that earned me anything?

  2. Last week:

    “As much as voters are down on President Obama, the star of former President Ronald Reagan continues to soar. The two-term California Republican was rated as the BEST of the 12 presidents who have served since Franklin Delano Roosevelt by 35 percent of the voters polled by Quinnipiac”

    Conservative businessman Perot loans liberal visionary millions. Now that is a remarkable example of bipartisan support.

    This is one coffee table picture book I’m looking forward to …

    1. I was relishing the sight of a younger, healthier Steve Jobs on his path through NeXT and back to Apple. Then I read your Fwhatever-type of political post. That is not why I patronize MDN. Please don’t link politics to every article.

    2. Before Reagan held the governorship,
      California schools were ranked #1 in the nation.
      Care to guess their ranking when he left office ?
      Also, he was the only known president who suffered from Alzheimers while in office.
      (Doesn’t that make you wonder who really
      was running the country, then ?)

      And something for your empty conspiratorial mind to ponder:

      Count the number of letters in
      “Ronald Wilson Reagan”

      1. Age-wise I fall within the same generation as…
        drum roll please:
        Steve Jobs!
        Yes he was just a few years older than me.
        Born on the same day as my elder sister.
        Pity us, pity us all.
        But I never ate any hamsters or gravel,
        so my liver is as sound as around 96 dollars.
        I credit a steady intake of candy and beer
        (not hamsters or gravel).

        Truly I am sorry if anything I said caused you
        more than your average portion of daily torment.

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