Apple will never reveal this iPhone 6 secret

“Each year, Apple launches a brand new set of iOS-based products. Widely regarded as best-in-class products, Apple’s iPhone and iPad lines typically represent — to borrow Apple SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller’s phrase — the gold standard in smartphones and tablet computers,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “However, even after the teardowns of the next generation iPad and iPhone products are in, there will be one secret that Apple will never reveal about these products.”

“Apple – which designs its own chips – is typically extremely quiet about the innovations that it makes in its chips,” Eassa writes. “Sure, it’ll tell customers that it’s faster, and maybe it will trickle out a few details as it did with the A7 chip, but Apple will probably never do the ‘deep dive’ into what makes the latest-and-greatest A-chips tick.”

“While many consumers probably don’t care, there are a lot of smartphone enthusiasts out there who do care. Indeed, it was quite a treat for this Fool to see AnandTech do a pretty deep investigation into the architecture of the CPU core inside of the A7 chip,” Eassa writes. “This isn’t information that Apple would have ever given out (though a 1.3 GHz dual-core chip matching quad-core 2.5 GHz high-end quad-core mobile chip did signal that something was up), but the technical community dug deep, and delivered some pretty stunning insight into Apple’s technical direction.”

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      …They get your email address for promotional spam, you get a bunch of worthless blether. That’s a reputation killer. Sad to see.

  1. Read many of their books, purchased their newsletters for years, then suddenly realized I was tired of their relentless self-boosterism.

    And since going it alone, I’ve handily beaten their total returns.

    Motley Fool used to be something special.

    1. R U saying that Motley Fool really R Motley Fools!?
      Who would have known that a bunch of Fools presenting themselves as retro geniuses really are retards? and that is probably an insult to retards who would probably never claim to be anything other than what they really are!

  2. When I was born, I was abandoned in a wheat field. I squeezed all the carbon out of the plants around me to make nanotubes to build a space elevator.

    When I got up to geosynchronous orbit, I hijacked an alien spaceship and flew it to the Andromeda Galaxy, where I’m now its immortal emperor.

  3. Three paragraphs of NOTHING. This is worthless. Just frigging get to the point. Which of course is to cheerlead for Motley Fool. They are the only media company I know that can turn one paragraph into 50 and say very little that is important. Who the hell has time to sit through their garbage to get to the meat?

  4. but, but, bbock… I have the “insider secrets” for you with a one-time, not to be missed opportunity, available only to the first 100 responders.

    1. Removable batteries cause a hit in size, weight and power loss. Apple has decided to not take those hits.

      If you actually *use* your one cell phone for more than about eight hours a day (eight hours of actual use, not playing graphics intensive games) without being able to plug it in from morning to night, then you may have a problem using an iPhone. But, really, what percentage of users worldwide are in that situation?

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