Tim Cook, Apple employees march in LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco

Apple was out in full force including CEO Tim Cook for the Pride Parade in San Francisco yesterday, Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple’s CEO hasn’t ever been ambiguous about his support for LGBT issues and he was joined by Apple Environment Director Lisa Jackson and what looks like thousands of other Apple employees on Market St. in San Francisco today,” Weintraub reports. “Employees… also [handed] out $1 iTunes gift cards in celebration.”

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“The 44th Annual San Francisco Pride Parade comes just two days after a CNBC host, Simon Hobbs, accidentally outed Tim Cook — who is widely reported to be gay, but has not formally come out — during a panel discussion,” Michelle Broder Van Dyke reports for BuzzFeed.

Read more in the full article here.

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        1. I am not sure what you mean by “for” iMaki. The 45 vote, 2-star status of iMaki’s initial post at 9:32am Central is decidedly against iMaki. In general, the people who actively participate on the MDN forum tend to be egalitarian in nature, in keeping with the trends within the U.S. populace, as a whole. Of course, that does not mean that there is not active and vocal reactionary dissent…

    1. “Inclusion inspires innovation.” Tim, Apple is an international company and in many parts of the world where investors in Apple count on Apple selling it’s products and services, they do not tolerate gays and in many, they are put to death. Tim, you and Apple employees need to do what you need to do on your own. Do not drag Apple into your personal issues. Tim, you are the CEO of Apple. If that can’t come first, let someone else be in charge.

      Man, I miss Steve Jobs!!!

      1. Jersey Trader

        If you are so enamored with those “many parts of the world where .. they do not tolerate gays and in many, they are put to death” then why don’t you just MOVE THERE?

      2. Jersey_Trader, your argument has some validity if it also applies to corporate involvement in religion, politics, etc. If your post only applies to this particular social issue, then you are in error.

      3. Perhaps dumbo that is why he doesn’t make issues of it as the CEO of Apple and only does so in a personal capacity. As for those countries where being gay is punishable by death perhaps we should all be taking a moral stand because few of them restrict their sickening barbarity to those who are gay, but includes all of us who do not qualify for their extremely narrow view of what’s acceptable, even the bigots on here would stand little chance of surviving the first wave of eliminations.

      1. As long as we know iMaki and he posts as iMaki, then we can put his posts in context. I would much rather that scenario than the numerous anonymous posts in which the same person uses a variety of names.

        Of course, the elimination of anonymous posts would be better. If only registered MDNers could post, then only the die-hard extremists like Fwhatever and botvinnik would bother us.

          1. Right. Of course the New York Times is just the daily talking points from the Democrat National Committee to the rest of the media. In other words, fiction for rich white Utopians.

    2. Oh, relax. Just think of this as a marketing exercise–the iTunes gift card giveaway reveals that Apple sees it that way.

      In general, the LGBT population of Northern California is wealthy, aspirational, and has an affinity for Apple products. Why wouldn’t Apple take advantage of the opportunity to directly market to that population?

      Remember that Apple is a Northern California based company, with dozens, if not hundreds, of local LGBT employees. It’s commonplace for Bay Area companies to have contingents in the parade and booths at the festival. I wasn’t there this year, but I’m assuming Gap, Williams Sonoma, Wells Fargo, Chevron and Oracle all had parade contingents, among others. It’s not like Apple is out there on the bleeding edge of LGBT activism, in fact they’re late to the party.

  1. I’m throwing a parade for all mental disorders, not just limiting it to homosexuality and gender dysphoria. It’s more inclusive that way.

    Do you think Tim Cook will attend and “suggest” to Apple employees that they should do so, as well?

  2. I’m not going to comment for one side or the other regarding this story. I will say I like that tee shirt (the Apple logo and the word ‘Pride’ underneath).

    As someone who has been a ‘proud’ Apple user since my first computer purchase back in 1995, I can say that I have never had a want or desire to own a “PC” and never had as a personal choice, that I wish Apple had a “wearables” in the Apple store on their website available for sale online. I’d like to purchase that tee shirt, among other Apple apparel, to show MY Apple Pride.

      1. Steve Jobs also made very strong statements against teachers unions in public education. He believed the union model was totally destroying education in America, which of course is true.

    1. Historical context. The “Pride” bit was to counteract the pressure society always put on us to feel shame. We became visible and once we realised just how many of us there were we started pushing for legal equality.

      Which has all in all been worthwhile. “Pride” is now just the name for the celebration of what has been achieved, and a way on ensuring that we rally the troops to keep campaigning until full legal equality is won.

    2. Because it is as immutable as the color of your skin. It’s who you are, and you’re stuck living that way. You could fall into depression and kill yourself because society sucks, or you could fucking OWN IT.

      1. ‘Because it is as immutable as the color of your skin.’

        There is absolutely no scientific proof of this oft-repeated assertion.

        Pure propaganda and an abuse of science.

        1. Ahh… so they CHOOSE to be gay? What age does that happen at? Could you enlighten us on your memories of the decision point for you… when you chose to be heterosexual?

        2. As a gay man living in a much more tolerant and accepting society not afflicted with religious nut jobs like the USA is, I can absolutely and categorically confirm that sexuality is an immutable part of a person’s being.
          Being gay is not a choice, but being ignorant is.

    3. Why then, pray tell me, would anybody be proud to be an American, a Canadian, an Italian? For most people, nationality is something they are born to like – most likely – their sexual orientation.
      The bigots of all colours forget that their fervent beliefs might just be the opposite were they born into another culture and raised accordingly. Unlike sexual orientation, narrow-mindedness is the result of education and thus curable to a degree. Give it a try!

    1. You idiot, that’s not a ‘gay pride’ event. That’s a BDSM community event. In case you’re just ignorant, BDSM isn’t by any means exclusive to the gay community. It’s a straight thing with massive communities. Can we claim all straights practice BDSM? No. You also can’t remotely claim all gays practice it.

  3. I take strong exception to business CEOs like Howard Schultz and Tim Cook who each flagrantly support causes outside the direct day to day business related interests of Starbucks and Apple. I love the products of both companies but it does not necessarily follow that I — or any other customer — are fans of Oprah Winfrey or the LGBT movement. I would add that were I an employee of either firm, I would very much resent being forced to keep my opposing view to myself lest it mar my chances for advancement.

    1. I was just about to reply to you about the fact that most powerful CEOs use their profile to generate publicity and support for causes they believe in. Certainly Cook has been a strong advocate for the humane treatment of workers and the elimination of child labour as well as for the product red campaign to raise funds to research the treatment and eventual cure for HIV/AIDS as was Steve Jobs before him.

      But then I saw that you love the products of Starbucks and I realised you lack the taste and education to appreciate such remarks so I didn’t bother. Oh, hang on a sec….

    2. Steve – I believe a lot depends on exactly how one goes about expressing the views.

      If it were to come up in a conversation that one’s religious views believe LGBT is wrong, then that would be one thing, and should be protected as long as this did not affect the person’s ability to work with others.

      If, on the other hand, one were to refuse to work cooperatively with other workers because of their own affiliation, or one were to be openly offensive to others, then that would be out of line.

  4. I was impressed by the tone of the comments on the other Apple news sites that ran this story yesterday. Made me proud to be a part of the Apple community of users. As was to be expected, the tone here at MDN reflects the lack of social maturity of the majority of the readers here. I should probably say the majority of the commenters here. I am sure that there are many more readers who have a better understanding of the human condition than those who feel the need to post their nonsensical bigoted opinions online.

      1. Today I have been disabused of the notion that Apple users are, in general, more intelligent and better educated than Windows sufferers and Android borgs. I hope you live to see more of life than what you find on your computer screen, oh basement dweller.

        1. I think I detect a level of intolerance of the prideful celebration found among the LGBT community at the Annual Folsom Street Fair. I hope I am wrong. I think it would be good if Apple would broadcast this on Apple TV, so the world could gain some exposure to the goodness of the LGBT movement.

            1. Well Grigori, I see “hate speech” is your forte. I am simply trying to make people aware of a major LGBT celebration in San Franciso that is performed on the public streets in the daylight, full of pride. I want to celebrate LGBT for what they are, not make them hide in a closet, like you apparently want. I encourage you to put aside your intolerance and your hate and join the love of the Folsom Street Fair. http://www.zombietime.com/folsom_sf_2007_part_1/

            2. Kunt, your own bigotry and hatred toward homosexuals is well known around here, and to that woeful reputation we can now add “sarcastic asshole.” Yes, we get the joke you’re making by posting the above link, and no, it’s not fooling anyone familiar with you.

        2. Fsck off with that. Just because someone posts here doesn’t mean they’re a die hard Apple user. And owning an iPod nano doesn’t necessarily make you a worshiper at the House of Jobs either. Numerous studies have confirmed that real Apple fanboys are indeed more intelligent than their counterparts. One damn post with a few bigoted/trollish comments and you’re all distraught. Why don’t you take in every metric, like the ratings of said comments before you judge us.

    1. Those commenters on other sites are sheep. MDN has a higher percentage of readers who can think for themselves, not just parrot back the P.C. mantra of the day while wallowing in progressive groupthink.

      1. I disagree. MDN is the best site for Apple news and commentary on the planet and we should appreciate the freedom they grant us to speak our minds on a variety of topics that might not come up elsewhere.

    1. I was won over to the LGBTQTJ movement when I discovered the Folsom Street Fair, the daytime public fair open to all children and adults. It opened me up to accept LGBT for what they are. If you are not on board with the movement, or if you are, but just want to learn and be stimulated and be one with humanity – then visit the Folsom Street Fair. Here are the travelogue shots. http://www.zombietime.com/folsom_sf_2007_part_1/

      1. So you’re somehow surprised that an oppressed minority who was persecuted and prosecuted for the gender they prefer to have sex with has a festival shoving that preference front and center?

        Are you somehow ignorant of the straight BDSM community?
        BDSM isn’t remotely a gay-only thing. In fact, gays are quite the minority of it.

        Let’s also address the fact that if we put the sex acts of straight people on photos the same way, it wouldn’t be hard at all to find the same kinds of perversions. Ever been to a Mardi Gras? Plenty of tits, vagina and public copulation are to be found. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the cops?

        It’s pathetic you think taking twenty photos of the same five or three guys walking around naked is a big deal. Ever been outside the US? Naked people walking around a beach doesn’t even rate a raised eyebrow.

  5. Ah yes, progressive views.

    I wonder what that’s done for us?

    Oh, I know.

    the 13th Amendment
    the 14th Amendment
    the 15th Amendment
    the 19th Amendment

    And soon, the 28th Amendment: “No American shall be denied equal protection of the law, or due process of the law, on account of sexual orientation.”

  6. Wow i see how people are complaining that Apple is support Gay rights, how it would affect sales in countries where its illegal. What about apple supporting and employing people who are black, jewish, disabled etc. which they do and these are also people hated in some counties need i say moreand would affect sales

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