Spate of ‘iPhone 6’ mockups aren’t final design, back panel will feature glass like 5s, source says

“While a glut of alleged ‘iPhone 6’ mockups have suggested there will be lines cut out toward the top and bottom of the back panel on Apple’s next handset, a new report claims those are just placeholders for small glass panels that will be included, in a design much like the iPhone 5s,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“When Apple switched to an aluminum back panel with the iPhone 5, and kept that design for the current flagship iPhone 5s, the company needed to use glass at the top and bottom to serve as ‘windows’ for the device’s internal radios,” Hughes reports. “A series of mockups out of the Far East claiming to show the design of Apple’s anticipated “iPhone 6″ have suggested that the company might simply have straight lines across the back, where those glass windows would be, made of an unknown material.”

Hughes reports, “But a new report on Monday from Japanese newspaper Nikkei, first spotted by G for Games, claims that those lines only mark the places where the glass panels will eventually go in the final product. That would suggest that the back panel will look largely similar to the iPhone 5s.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. Lets face it, today’s tech journalists and analists are just plain stooopid.

    The take on the impossible task of second (or pre) guessing Apple’s products and committing to public record their small, narrow minded, limited and clueless suppositions and foresight, only to be proven wrong and clueless, time and time again. This shames them and motivates their FUD rucking bias towards Apple – this is why the press hates Apple so much.

  2. Considering the rumored rounded edges of the 6, I think sapphire glass makes sense for the upper and lower antenna windows.

    This would account for the amount of sapphire being produced:

    Touch ID on iPhones and iPads.

    Camera lenses on iPhones and iPads.

    Rear antenna windows on iPhone 6.

    Possible ” iWatch” faces.

    1. Might also explain the “raised” rim of the camera lens… that it’ll actually be flush on the sapphire panel (which will be thicker than the placeholder aluminum).

    1. There will be no such thing. LM is five times pricier than aluminium, and it can not replace those ugly white plastic stripes because they are added for radiotransparency. LM is metal, so it is obviously not radiotransparent.

      As per this article claim, it is nonsense: iPhone design gets finalized half year before it goes on sale. Otherwise it is impossible to unfold giant manufacturing process of Apple’s scale. Apple can not change the back radically at all.

      1. But, to be fair, there is a faint hope is that those inlets at the top and at the bottom of the back will not be made of metal, but rather, just like in previous iPhones, will be covered by glass of exactly same hue as plastic stripes. Or it will be aluminium, but still coloured exactly as the stripes so you would not see them. But, as I wrote, it is a faint hope as the back we saw looks very much finalized in all details.

  3. A series of mockups out of the Far East…

    Oh, China…

    Why would ANYONE take these admitted ‘MOCKUPS’ seriously? Of course they’re not THE final phone. It’s just guessing and robbery of prototypes.

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