Apple updates iWork for iCloud

“Apple has made a few more updates to iWork for iCloud, these include the following features that aid the transition between iOS and OS X versions of documents,” Ashleigh Allsopp reports for Macworld UK.

“The latest updates bring the cloud-based versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote into line with the current Mac and iOS versions. For example, if you edit the zoom level, or close on a particular worksheet or slide, iCloud will remembers where you left off,” Allsopp reports. “The iCloud version will also remember the user’s most recent screen name when accessing collaborative documents and spreadsheets.”

“There are also new tips available to help users use basic functions like copy and paste, and new shortcut commands are now displayed in a pop-up menu in the iCloud version of Numbers,” Allsopp reports. “Image manipulation is also easier: if you right click an image you will see a dynamic masking tool for cropping and resizing graphics.”

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  1. One thing I just don’t get is why Apple thinks that iWork for Mac should have such a wide column of inspector-type functionality clogging scarce horizontal real estate on the screen of a typical (laptop) user. It was very helpful in the previous version of pages to have a compact inspector or access functionality from the top of the screen. I know we can hide the large inspector-style column on the right, but then it has to be called back when you want to do things. They could have made the other changes without this one, IMHO. And not EVERYTHING has to be the same on the Mac and iOS versions.

  2. I wish Apple would bring back the all in one AppleWorks. I like the feature “what you see is what you get! In Numbers spreadsheet heading are Hard to place, don’t show,and jump all over. Please bring back the simple AppleWorks !!!

  3. Yet MDN has still yet to enact the most basic iOS7 functionality of being able to swipe back to get to the previous page. Their disdain for the people who use their app continues to show no bounds.

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