iPhone 6 launch date said to be Friday, September 19th

“About a month ago a certain eport was suggesting that the iPhone 6 will be launched on September 19,” Mihai Matei reports for G 4 Games. “This bit of information came from Deutsche Telekom’s support representatives, who have been instructed to inform the carrier’s customers about the aforementioned iPhone 6 release date in order to build up the hype.”

“Today we circle back to September 19th, as a fresh report coming from the Chinese media ‘“reconfirms’” that the iPhone 6 will be officially launched on September 19,” Matei reports. “The date falls on a Friday too, which brings more weight to the idea of a September 19 launch, given the fact that Apple has a tendency to release new products on Fridays.”

“The report also claims that the iPhone 6 packing 32 GB of storage will be available for purchase in China at the price of 5,288 yuan (about $850), which is the same price as the 16 GB iPhone 5S,” Matei reports. “A 64 GB iPhone 6 would supposedly go for 6,288 yuan (or $1008), and chances are that these price tags correspond with the 4.7-inch model.”

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  1. I’ll be very disappointed if the maximum storage available is still 64Gb. With increased camera file sizes and increased use of video 128Gb is pretty much essential, because relying on cloud storage and streaming is pointless when there are huge holes in network coverage, even in areas of considerable population density.
    I could seriously use 256Gb of storage, I have a lot of music in iTunes that I’d like to carry with me, and I take a lot of photos; currently I have 26,600 in iPhoto.

    1. Dude.. iCloud it. You will carry it all with you.

      No seriously…it works… You may or may not wear a tinfoil hat.. I don’t know.. But iCloud does work.

      I don’t have a large music collection…only 45GB. But it’s all available if I need it.

      Our pictures? Everything we want to show other people from the 300,000 images in our Aperture library are in photo streams.

      We can’t wait until we get back a little more MobileMe features this fall.

      Give it a try.

      Unless you get on an airplane and are missing that picture or song you just can’t do without for a few hours…well..


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