With bigger iPhone, Apple could cause 35% of Android, Windows Phone users to upgrade

“Already on track to capture nearly half of the smartphone market in 2014, Apple could dramatically expand the iPhone’s customer base at Android’s expense by adding a new model with a larger display, according to a survey released Tuesday by the investment arm of the Royal Bank of Canada,” Sam Oliver reprots for AppleInsider.

“After speaking with some 4,000 consumers, RBC Capital Markets found that of those planning to purchase a smartphone from Apple’s rivals this year, 35 percent would instead choose an iPhone if they could have a display larger than the 4-inch part found on the iPhone 5 series,” Oliver reports. “The numbers were revealed in a note to investors from RBC analyst Amit Daryanani.”

Oliver reports, “74 percent of those polled are aware of Apple’s upcoming iPhone refresh, and 40 percent said that a new generation of hardware would prod them to change devices.”

RBC Capital Markets iPhone survey

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

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    1. The sad part that I see no reason why Apple did not enter bigger-size smartphone market couple of years ago. There is nothing technically different this year that would make it any more feasible than two years ago. Apple just lost huge amount of money and that is it. But better late than never, of course.

      1. I agree they are at least a year or two late (as a stock holder especially) but something tells me they’re about to make up for lost time to Android’s market share detriment. And won’t that be great to rub into fallacious fooled Fandroid faces?

  1. What is also important is that normal-size iPhone will be upgraded, too, so the majority who prefers one-hand-operational compact flagman, will also upgrade. Apple’s 4th quarter is going to be historic.

    1. The “normal size” iPhone won’t be the majority for long. The larger iPhones will have the lions share of sales within 18 months. And yes, you are correct, Apple should have had larger iPhones two years ago. They made a mistake. A very expensive mistake for their shareholders.

      1. There is statistics for Android smartphones that have all kinds of sizes, and 4.5+ devices are minority as they are too big. However, this minority in Apple’s case will be major minority. 4.7/5.5″ devices will be huge success. But still 4″ device will be the best seller.

  2. When Android users see larger iPhones running console games flawlessly there will be a flood of new Apple customers. Although, there is a possibility that some potential sales could remain in the Android camp if Google unveils something similar to Metal tomorrow.

  3. If the rumors are true that Apple will release a 4.7″ and a 5.5″, then the other rumor of the higher price point seems likely as well.

    Huge upgrade volume + Switchers + Higher margin = Blowout.

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