New images provide high res look at what Apple’s iPhone 6 will look like

“Redditor A_Hard_Goodbye points us to some new photos of an iPhone 6 mockup that really do give us our clearest and best look yet at what Apple’s newest flagship phone will look like,” Brad Reed reports for BGR.

“The photos, which were taken by a seller on eBay and posted on an Imgur account, show us two different iPhone 6 models, one in silver and the other in space gray,” Reed reports.

“As we’ve seen in other leaked images, the devices feature rounder edges than the iPhone 5s and feature a power button that’s been moved from the top of the device to the side,” Reed reports.

Photos via Imgur:

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

More photos here.

Read more in the full article here.


  1. If this is to be believed, what happened to the flash on this new model? Is Apple dumping the double flash or are they adding a new flash with a broader color spectrum?

    1. It’s a brilliant strategy by Apple: Instead of silly differences in finish material (black/space, gray/silver, gold/champagne) you pick the new phone based on what color balance environment you take the most pictures in! And for those who are selfie-addicts, buy two! Last year (citation needed) more selfies were taken that all photographs ever before, so why should Apple be only getting the hardware purchase once? Now they’ll get it twice! Absolutely brilliant!


  2. Still only a mock up. Though I like it and will order 3 for the family, the iPhone 6 itself has yet to be seen. My guess it will be striking, …as usual.

    1. The real chance is that this is going to be real iPhone 6 of 4.7-5.5 size. (4″ iPhone 6 might look just like iPhone 5S with minor changes, if any, but new internals.)

      The unfortunate part of the design are those bold white stripes. They do not look classy and elegant at all.

      1. If you go look at the source image, those stripes look painted on. As as been mentioned on more than one occasion, these photos are likely of a prototype for case manufacturers to reference for case design prototypes. Given that, those stripes are likely there to indicate functionality hidden within. My guess would be that the stripes indicate the areas with antennas embedded so the case manufacturer doesn’t include material in those areas that would degrade radio performance.

    1. Apologies. Follow the link before posting, Jim. Full backs in the full post.


      On a mock up not authorized by the trademark holder of the Apple logo? Well, apparently not.

    2. My guess is that this is a Maya rendering and including an Apple logo would be a trademark infringement, which would get them in legal trouble with Apple.

  3. Oh great…. REAL new photos of a fake iPhone. This “mockup” is kind of boring. I hope Apple does more than just scale up the existing iPhone’s (external) design and round off the edges.

  4. What’s with those lines on the back?

    They’re not antenna bands because in some pictures they look smudged or scratched revealing the back of the phone. In one picture it looks as if they’re drawn with a texta.

    I’m not going to call them fakes but they just don’t look right.

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