All 64 World Cup matches stream live on Apple TV

“Thanks to Apple’s partnership with ESPN, American cable subscribers with Apple TV can access streaming coverage, highlights and additional content for all 64 FIFA World Cup matches, including this weekend’s game between the U.S. and Portugal,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“Live coverage of every World Cup game through July 13 broadcast by ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes and ABC are available via Apple TV’s WatchESPN channel in the United States to subscribers of most cable networks,” Dilger reports, “including AT&T U-verse, Bright House Networks, Charter, Comcast XFINITY, Cox, DISH, Google Fiber, Midcontinent Communications, Optimum, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon FiOS TV.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Or, you know, since to you have to be a cable subscriber anyway, you could just watch the games on cable/satellite like normal.


    1. Have no cable or satellite.
      So, if I open the ESPN app, I can’t watch anything, either on my AppleTV or my iDevices. But if I open Safari on my laptop, I can watch it all on ESPN3 and sling it to my AppleTV.
      I’m glad I can watch, but what completely useless app and completely unnecessary workaround.

    2. It’s soccer. Who cares? All they do is fall down and fake injuries. It’s embarrassing to watch. Tennis is a tougher sport than soccer. I just finished watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. That’s a sport. That takes real skill. And that’s a tough bunch of guys. When they get cut, they get stitched up and go right back in. They break their nose and keep playing. They break bones and keep playing. Soccer is for sissies. It’s embarrassing.

  1. I’m not really into the. World Cup, or any sports for that matter, but what really burns me is that the Kingdom of Hawaii isn’t represented in any of these international games! For some reason, they fall under the United States, even though they are technically an independent country. No treaty was signed! Why can’t the Olympics, World Cup, and all these other organizations understand this!

      1. I’m not pretending. Look up the “Akaka Bill”, which states that the US did indeed take over the islands, and that there was no formal treaty. It really just amounts to an apology issued by the Clinton administration. The US has admitted to this, and they are doing nothing to right this wrong.

      1. Oh wait. I don’t think you need Netflix. All I know is that I can do the same thing on my Roku box. The point is that there is nothing here that you don’t get on other boxes.

  2. At least us 90s kids grew up whit an entertaining president. I feel sorry for today’s kids. They grew up with presidents like Bush and Obama, and the 80s/90s generations grew up with cool presidents like Reagan and Clinton, not to mention back when Sonic and Pokemon were cool. Man I miss those years! Today’s pop culture and entertainment just can’t compete!

    1. Yes, Reagan. Throwing people out of work, making flying less safe, overthrowing democratically elected governments, selling weapons to our enemies (Iran) and using the proceeds to bypass the Constitution and fund the Contras so they could kill and maim people in Central America. Good times.

      1. Year, Total Number of People Receiving Food Stamps, Average Monthly Benefit
        2011 – 44,709,000 $133.85
        2000 – 17,194,000 $76.62
        1990 – 20,049,000 $58.78
        1980 – 21,082,000 $34.47
        1969 – 2,878,000 $6.63

        crunch the numbers you stupid motherfucker.

      2. Food Stamp Statistics:
        • Total annual cost of food stamp program: $71,800,000,000
        • Number of Americans using the food stamp program: 46,670,373
        • Percent of population on food stamp program: 14 %

      3. On this day {August 5} in 1981, President Ronald Reagan fired more than 11,000 air traffic controllers who ignored his order to return to work. The sweeping mass firing of federal employees slowed commercial air travel, but it did not cripple the system as the strikers had forecast.

        Two days earlier, nearly 13,000 controllers walked out after talks with the Federal Aviation Administration collapsed. As a result, some 7,000 flights across the country were canceled on that day at the peak of the summer travel season.

        Robert Poli, president of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, sought an across-the-board annual wage increase of $10,000 for the controllers, whose pay ranged from $20,462 to $49,229 per year. He also sought a reduction of their five-day, 40-hour workweek to a four-day, 32-hour workweek. The FAA made a $40 million counteroffer, far short of the $770 million package that the union sought.

        Reagan branded the strike illegal. He threatened to fire any controller who failed to return to work within 48 hours. Federal judges levied fines of $1 million per day against the union.

        In 1955, Congress made such strikes punishable by fines or a one-year jail term — a law the Supreme Court upheld in 1971.

        To the chagrin of the strikers, the FAA’s contingency plans worked. Some 3,000 supervisors joined 2,000 nonstriking controllers and 900 military controllers in manning airport towers. Before long, about 80 percent of flights were operating normally. Air freight remained virtually unaffected.

        In carrying out his threat, Reagan also imposed a lifetime ban on rehiring the strikers. In October 1981, the Federal Labor Relations Authority decertified PATCO.

        1. That was awesome and I remember it well. As far as I’m concerned no public employee, whether Federal, state or city, should be able to unionize.

      4. US Military Casualties During the Reagan Years:
        • Invasion of Grenada, 1983: 18
        • 1986 Bombing of Libya,1986: 2

        US Military Casualties During The Obama & Bush Reign:
        • Afghanistan War, 2001–present: 1,742 (and counting)
        • Iraq War, 2003–2011: 3,527 (and soon to be counting again)

        1. most significant, is every man who died for the political/financial nothingness of undeclared “wars” is someone’s father, brother, husband and son whose life could have been one of value: falling in love, raising a family, and contributing their skills and knowledge in the marketplace of free will.

      5. In 1988:
        Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.08
        Cost of a dozen eggs: $0.89
        Cost of a gallon of Milk: $2.30

        in 2014:
        • Gallon of Milk~ $3.55 (Bureau of Labor Statistics
        • Dozen Eggs (Large, Grade A)~ $2.00 (Bureau of Labor Statistics
        • Gallon of Gas~ $3.37 (Bureau of Labor Statistics

  3. I am a big futbol fan. Since that’s how we call it during the World Cup in Brazil. I have to say I am impressed by the amazing ESPN coverage. Best ever for a World Cup. Kudos

    1. We’re sorry, we cannot accommodate your request, for two simple reasons.

      First, ‘drivel’ is insufficiently precise to warrant inclusion in web site filtering programs, and is arbitrary in the case of human curation. Both add expense to what is already a shoestring operation, and would therefore threaten the financial sustainability of the program.

      Second, political and related social issues revolving around technology are essential to providing a full understanding of technology itself, its adoption and place in society, its legal standing and what our votes may mean to its future form, even its existence.

      We live in an enlightened time, rare in history, and we ought to embrace its inconveniences as prices that come with freedoms. Price shopping is ever an option.

      1. MDN is WordPress based. It’s extremely trivial to add a SPAM/Offensive/Off-topic Flag to the comments and when any comment hits a level of reported SPAM/Offensive/Off-topic, it’s either auto-deleted or reported to a moderator who can delete the post.

        I agree that it can be nice to have a broadened community where comments may overlap with politics, but users like botvinnik just go on and on resulting in the comment sections being totally over-run by his egotistical rants and trolling.

        1. A reasonable response to what I wrote. Here’s mine. Why, then, haven’t these long-winded thread hijackers been evicted? In comparison, the most treacherous trolls hit and run, economically ruining a thread through their excitation of a dozen or more angry responses. The ‘egotism’ there is staggering. MDN’s one-star vote is neither a deterrent to the troll nor an alert to the moderator. I’d propose adding a ‘Report offensive’ button, something all the bland web sites seem to have implemented.

        2. Nicely said. A little political commentary is obviously relevant – sometimes. An obvious example is the topic of net neutrality. But the “egotistical rants” are both annoying and a waste of space.
          Agree with hannah… “Report offensive” is very widespread and way overdue here.

          1. Thank you, John Smith. My own analytics indicate that rants, and not individuals, would be curtailed by such a policy. That is hopeful for a site like MDN, where individuality shines brightly. I shouldn’t like to see that lost to myopic, special-interest norms, or to sham political correctness.

  4. “MacDailyNews Take: Or, you know, since to you have to be a cable subscriber anyway, you could just watch the games on cable/satellite like normal.”

    I’m away from home, and as a Comcast subscriber, this is allowing me to watch the games.

  5. Did you see that in the US game today the board went up at the end of the game showing 4 minutes.
    Then it was changed to five minutes a little later. I’ve NEVER seen that EVER. Was the fix in?

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