Future Final Cut Pro X hidden in iMovie 10.0.3

“iMovie and Final Cut Pro X are based on the same code. They are updated out of sync. Final Cut Pro X was last updated in January 2014, iMovie in April 2014,” Alex Gollner writes for Alex4D. “As new features were added to iMovie, there’s a good chance the common code was updated as well.”

Gollner writes, “I took a look inside iMovie 10.0.3 to see if there are some non-iMovie elements we might see in a future version of Final Cut.”

“The copy of Motion built into iMovie 10.0.3 is very similar to the version in Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1,” Gollner writes. “There are two interesting possibilities for Motion though – an improvement for those who create text animations and also a link from Final Cut to the Mac App Store to buy Motion 5.”

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      1. You know I used the new iMovie last week for the first time having used old iMovie some years ago for the odd project. It was always a little clunky in producing work but by trial and error I got used to it. I was always told the new versions were consumer centric and intuitive to use so looked forward to using it. Could not make head or toe of how it works even to edit a pre existing movie, couldn’t even easily get a .mov into it till I fiddled around. Somewhat disappointed as I have no enthusiasm to try it again to be honest after that.

  1. Fcpx rocks provided you’re not holding old ideologies of how editing works.. If you’re new, do a few online tutorials to understand how it works, then you’ll be fast as lightning.

  2. Well, it’s also possible that some of these hidden strings and things are for a future version of iMovie. It’s common to have an ongoing coding project, choose a date, call what you’ve got the new version, while having bits and bytes of future stuff in there for the next iteration. For all we know, this stuff is applicable to both future versions of FCP and iMovie. It’s fun to watch what happens through the creative process. 😀

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