Jimmy Lin posts photo of huge 5.5-inch iPhone 6

“Exactly one week ago, the Taiwanese actor / racing driver Jimmy Lin managed to turn a lot of heads when he posted a handful of pictures with what seemed to be a legit 4.7-inch iPhone 6,” Mihai Matei reports for G 4 Games. “We’re guessing that you already know the story, as well as the fact that despite some skeptic whispering, the gadget showcased by Jimmy has been ‘confirmed’ to be a beta unit meant for testing.”

“Today, one week after the aforementioned events took place, Jimmy Lin did it again and shared a picture on his Weibo account that will definitely make the rounds,” Matei reports. “The picture in question shows Jimmy working on a broken iPhone, but the ‘wow’ factor is brought by a guest appearance of what appears to be the 5.5-inch iPhone 6!”

“It’s too large for it to be the 4.7 inch model or the iPhone 5S,” Matei reports, “and the physical buttons are also different.”

Is that a 5.5-inch iPhone on Jimmy Lin's workbench?
Is that a 5.5-inch iPhone on Jimmy Lin’s workbench?

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  1. Look how crowded the home button looks…looks even too thick for the iPad mini…looks thick…not sure I believe it…this guy’s leaks would’ve been stopped by now.
    As each number goes up, the iPhone has changed appearance…this looks like a scaled up 5s or similar.

  2. Okay, the proportions on that one actually look more in line with what an iPhone should be. Specifically, most of the mockups of the 5.5″ version looked like blown-up copies of the 4.7″ version, which was why the 5.5″ had such nasty, huge bezels.

    The big thing for me is: there’s no reason to make the top and bottom bigger if the TouchID sensor stays the same size. So basically, the top and bottom bezels just need to be longer, not taller. Any dummy that shows the top and bottom bezels being that large is automatically out. For instance, the one in that video making the rounds comparing the 5.5″ dummy to a Galaxy Note 3.

    But yeah. I’m either going for the 4.7″ or finding a way to stick with a 4″ device.

  3. So, you have a 5.5″ iPhone, something surrounded by endless speculation and that everyone wants a picture of. Rather than post a picture of it, you post a picture of you opening another phone with the amazing one just lying around? The dimensions look all off also, unless they’re going back to the old screen ratio as well.

  4. So obviously photoshopped. The ‘big’ iPhone is clearly a stretched image. The home button is elliptical FCS. Also, if it’s real and he wants to prove it, why not open it up and show the guts inside, like he’s doing with the broken phone he’s working on? … ?

  5. Ummm… Guys? This photo was shot with an extremely wide angle lens. Look at his ear. It looks similarly huge. Due to the angle and placement of the three phone, the lower right phone LOOKS huge…but it is no more accurately depicted that his ear. This is nothing more than a normal zip sized phone….suffering from the effects of a very wide angle camera lens.

  6. I’ll wait for the phone to come out to see what Apple has to offer…

    BUT here.. an ACTOR who is a RACE CAR DRIVER
    that seems to be better than actors who just go DUI, get into fights, get arrested and shit….

    knew nothing about him so wikipedia him and :

    “In 2000 he started the IT company Inwellcom, Tech, co.[12] with friends that specialize in writing software for surveillance and banking. He himself became the youngest director in the Taiwan Network Association.[13] His own house in Taipei has the latest hightech surveillance equipment manufactured by his own company. He can remotely control more than 100 home appliances from his PDA”

    Is he real or angling for publicity for his tech company? Well at the least he knows Apple is popular….

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