UBS: Tim Cook is Apple’s ‘right man for the time’

“While some pundits question whether Tim Cook can steer Apple to new successes in a post-Steve Jobs era, investment firm UBS on Monday came out in full support of the Apple CEO, calling him the ‘right man for the time,'” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Following the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference this month, analyst Steve Milunovich said he believes Apple is gaining steam under Cook, who is remaking it under his own vision,” Hughes reports. “In a note to investors on Monday, a copy of which was provided to AppleInsider, he praised Cook for taking Apple in new directions that may be better suited for a company of its current size.”

“The analyst noted that in a meeting with Cook, the CEO told him that he felt a need to merge leadership of the company’s formerly disparate iOS and OS X teams,” Hughes reports. “Doing so would assure further cooperation — something that Milunovich believes is being done on an even greater scale within Apple, improving the company’s efficiency and potentially making it better at developing new products simultaneously… ‘We think Cook-doubters will be proven wrong,’ [Milunovich] said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Once again, as we’ve written many times and as recently as May 31st:

Those who underestimate Tim Cook’s Apple are in for a rude awakening.


  1. “UBS: Tim Cook is Apple’s ‘right man for the time’”

    As if totally ignorant and corrupt “analysts” are competent to make judgements on this or, in fact, on any other matter. (Even though Cook certainly is the right man as there is no apparent better choice anyway.)

  2. Building out infrastructure, expanding global presence, dazzling Wall Street, vertically integrating across all platforms, releasing quality developer tools. returning shareholder equity. The list goes on.

    Cook is the right man at the right time. Jobs nailed it.

  3. ‘We think Cook-doubters will be proven wrong,’ shhh don’t say that too loud on here. Fact is this report is right Apple could not continue as it was it had to change and behave as a mature company with somewhat different priorities. A gradual but required transformation where new gadgets become a part but no longer the primary function.

  4. Merging iOS and OSX and ensuring consistency is a brilliant way to leave everyone else eating Apple’s dust. Just wait ’till fall and everyone has had a chance to experience Apple genius in action. It’ll be a thing of beauty.

  5. The stars are wheeling into alignment for Tim Cook, come the next equinox. He’ll announce fresh talismans, with developers running hot blood and honey through them. Serpentine retail queues will form. Whining scavengers will recede into the underbrush. Scribes will pen lunatic screeds. And once again, Doom will fail to befall Apple.

    1. i for one will be riding that serpent to my beloved new talisman !-) I will look to the moon for the equinox, patiently awaiting that which i do not yet know that i need

      and i will be ignoring the scribbling whining scavengers screeds except as entertainment as they squirm in disbelief, producing nothing more than outdated regurgitated talking points from ShameDung

  6. Once the Steve pipeline runs its course only then can we accurately judge Cook.

    But from what I have seen of hideous OS design, dumbing down of software not exactly off to a blazing start.

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