Jimmy Lin ‘iPhone 6’ leak said to be authentic; may pack Quad HD display

“Although we cannot determine if the iPhone 6 held by Jimmy Lin is indeed the real deal, the media in Hong Kong started buzzing earlier today, claiming that the said unit is indeed authentic,” Mihai Matei reports for G for Games.

“According to the source who has cited ‘Apple employees’ from Hong Kong, the unit used by Jimmy Lin to tease us is an authentic iPhone 6 Beta device,” Matei reports. “Based on these fresh reports, Apple has recently shipped iPhone 6 Beta units, for testing purposes, to its various facilities around the world, including Hong Kong.”

“The same source also claims that the iPhone 6 will in fact pack a QHD display (the source doesn’t say which model, but the whole article was centered around the 4.7-inch iPhone 6),” Matei reports.

MacDailyNews Note: QHD is 2560x1440pixels (1440p).

Leaked iPhone 6 images (via Jimmy Lin)
Leaked iPhone 6 images (via Jimmy Lin)




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  1. I’m still hoping all these leaks are the iPhone 6c and Tim Cook has really doubled down on secrecy. I would like to be surprised with a more progressive design for the iPhone 6.

      1. No just something that looks a little different without the dated overhangs or at least disguise them better as the HTC1 does. Very disappointed if that is how it looks , Apple is supposed to lead design not just rehash the same one. To claim that a rectangle is a rectangle and thus can’t look different was pretty much Samsung’s argument when accused of copying and we all know how deluded that argument was… Well apart from judges anyway.

  2. Everywhere I go, people complain about the white antenna bands on the back of the silver and gold versions. Am I the only person who actually likes the look?

    I’m absolutely fine with the 4.7in model, and actually like the design. And it’s not so radically large that it’ll be uncomfortable, while the screen will be big enough that it’ll make a real difference in use.

    I still think the 5.5in will be obscenely large, but if people want to buy it, more power to them!

          1. I am sure that the chances of Jobs approving this design would close to zero.

            iPhone 5/5S was the last iPhone design Steven Jobs was overseeing, and on example of iPhone 6, it shows.

            1. You may be jumping to conclusions since we don’t know if this is a slightly altered or disguised version of the final design or not.

              If I was Jony and beta testers were going to be carrying these things around for several months before the official unveiling I’d make a cheap-ass looking shell to throw news orgs and the competition off the scent.

          2. How can you tell that without seeing the device in person? They may appear that way–Hell, they might even be as you think they are–but you don’t know if.

            Though your logic is a bit lacking because the design cannot be a “lower class‘–though I am not entirely sure what you mean–because in most ways it looks like a larger version of the iPhone we all know and love.

            It’s like if you take a really handsome man or woman and but them in an OK pair of glasses: They don’t suddenly become unattractive because of it. They may even attract more attention than they would would prior, though they wouldn’t suddenly become ugly.

            1. The last word of my first paragraph should be ‘it,’ not ‘if.

              By the way, if I were to change one thing on the iPhone, it would be the square corners of the screen. The phone is rounded, so I would like to see the theme repeated in that part of the phone as well.

              So the phone itself is a rounded rectangle, as would be the screen as well.

          3. Don’t be so hasty in condemning an “Apple design” based upon some poor photographs of an alleged iPhone 6 beta unit. Wait until the real thing is released, then judge to your heart’s content.

      1. Certainly, I would prefer something completely solid, like the back of an iPad, but unfortunately the technology gets in the way. But for what it is, I think the bands look fine. Not perfect, but fine.

        The only thing that I don’t necessary like is the camera lens apparently not being flush with the back of the device. THAT bugs me a bit, but it’s also not a huge deal if you put a case on it anyway.

  3. Did Apple hire an HTC designer? What is up with the copying of HTC? Come on man, this is outright ridiculous as are some of the copying of Android, BB10 and even Windows 8 mobile in iOS 8. Aye aye aye!

    1. no wider? are you blind?
      If you cant see width difference in the top right of the last pic you are blind but as you think the 5s is useless, your opinion is of little value anyway

    1. He’s not on the “preview” list. He has connections within the supply chain. I’m sure if he resided in the U.S. instead of Asia, Apple’s legal team would be all over him.

  4. There have been several times before of these next Apple product sightings, I thought, “if this is what Apple is releasing, ugh!” but as it turned out, after Apple did release it, my thoughts changed to, “Hey, that’s not so bad looking after all!”

    So based on that, I am reserving comments on the looks of the next Apple iPhone release over these continued leaked product sightings be they fake or real.

  5. When seen live the phone will be a work of art, as has always been the case.

    It is the resolution rumor that is the most interesting. Seems a bit if overkill for a phone. What is the purpose

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  7. Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t know if I want a phone that big. I’d have to see how it fits in my pocket. I definitely want a top-of-the-line processor and camera, but I hope I don’t have to buy a crazy big phone to get it.


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