Apple unveils a secret: There’s a right way, and a wrong way

“Apple has lost its mojo,” Tera Thomas O’Brien writes for Tera Talks. “That must be the case because it took Apple three years just to get cut and paste into iOS.”

“Apple admitted it’s been working on Swift, the new programming language, for four years. There’s nothing swift about that, right? For iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite Apple announced a bunch of features which have been around for years on Android and Windows,” O’Brien writes. “Competitors are moving ahead at a blistering pace. Clearly, Apple has lost its touch as a leading edge technology innovator.”

“Or, has it? I’ve watched Apple’s Keynote presentation from WWDC 2014. Twice,” O’Brien writes. “What I saw each time is a confident Apple, a relaxed Apple, and– based upon responses to WWDC’s announcements from the tech community – an Apple that is mature and disciplined and thinks things through so they work right, and work well for a long time.”

“Cut and paste in iOS is a perfect example,” O’Brien writes. “There’s a right way to implement features and functionality. And there’s a wrong way. Apple chose the former to avoid the latter.”

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  1. Cut and paste potentially works perfectly it’s just that most of the time I can’t quite get it to highlight the text I want if its more than a few words or a line. Sure it will get there one day but seems to have a mind of its own at times.

    1. I just wish there were left and right arrow keys so you could move the insertion point one character to the left or right without having to move your finger away from the keyboard. When I first saw the “bubble” text selector, I thought it was pretty cool. Over the years I’ve come to hate it. Cursor control keys may be anathema to the touch UI, but it would be damned convenient to have them when making quick changes. Highlighting the proper text is a good example of where cursor keys could come in handy.

      1. … and with 3rd party keyboards you’ll get your wish. Again, Apple took it’s time and did it right.
        (as a side note, I didn’t give you the 1 star, I think you have a valid point to want an input method that works for you. I’m sure Apple was listening as well – they just don’t rush out and allow virus ridden crap on their platform)

    2. Cut and paste does not work well – or rather word selection does not work well. Often I want to select a word but the entire paragraph selects and I have to drag the fiddly bars across – which sometimes reselects the whole paragraph again.

      At other times, I want to select something like a phone number but can select only the whole line – not individual things on it.

      1. It depends on the context. This isn’t necessarily a fault of the text selection framework, but rather the implementing application. So call out to the developers of each application that you struggle with and ask them to investigate.

  2. Makes megalith how people think it’s do god damn easy to create something new.

    I’ve been in the design industry all my life and I come across that attitude all the time.

    They think it takes 5 minutes to come up with an award wining idea, when in reality it takes a lifetime of expertise, experience, knowledge, training, passion, blood, sweat, tears. Early starts, late nights, long days and endless belief in your talent.

    Most people haven’t a clue because they don’t get up everyday to create something amazing.

  3. “Apple admitted it’s been working on Swift, the new programming language, for four years. There’s nothing swift about that, right?”

    wow… someone fire this guy. That is bad in every way

    1. ‘Admitted’. Right. He can’t even follow the context of a presentation. The specific point being made was that this is NOT some ‘swiftly’ cooked up half-ass language as Java certainly was when it was first made public, and has returned to being again in Oracle’s careless hands.

      TechTardiness in evidence.

      1. The author, Tera, was presenting a typical smarmy comment that might come from an dense pundit to set up her point that Apple has discipline and takes its time to develop well thought out solutions. Tera wrote a love letter to Apple.

        1. Spot on. Thank you. That’s exactly the kind of analysis and commentary you typically read about regarding Apple. It was time to set the record straight. Good things take time.

          So they’ve been working on Swift for four years? It’s the future of development on Apple devices. That’s a big deal. Good things take time, and Apple shows nothing but courage and discipline to take the time to do it right.

        2. Thank you. That’s a very useful perspective. I’m probably still bruised from earlier wishy washy crud from this week. But it’s still not how I would have presented the subject. Which of course deserves: BFD. To each their own as long as it’s good work.

        3. People are so quick to break out the brass knuckles on an imagined insult. I’ve frequently run up against characters so spoiling for a fight that the blood in their eye blinds them to any form of irony. The only safe path for a writer is to play it straight, but then where’s the fun? It’s readers, not writers, who are the problem children today, make no mistake.

  4. Apple has NOT lost its mojo. If you want a company that has lost every inch of its mojo, then look at Blackberry. “Amature hour, is indeed, over.” And people still say Apple is “doomed”. Hah!

  5. Clearly, Apple has lost its touch as a leading edge technology innovator…. Or, has it?

    What is the point of these wishy washy articles this week? Say something definitive and get on with it. Is this the ‘Meme Of The Week’? Maybe this, or maybe not this. zzzzzz

  6. Did anyone read the actual full article. You guys are pulling quotes from the article without their full context. All the dopey comments about Apple are set-ups that Tera, the author, knocks down. The article is actually very nice compliment to Apple for the more thoughtful way they do things.

  7. This article gave too much credit to Android/WP8 for features that existed on a jail-broken iPhone 4. enuf said… The developers are the stars. And Apple giving them tools 4 their OSes is the best thing Apple did.

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