NFC, wireless charging, improved LTE rumored for Apple’s ‘iPhone 6’

“New high-resolution photos surfaced over the weekend showing what is expected to be the much thinner iPhone 6 following a report from Venture Beat that corroborates several other claims that the next generation iPhone will feature a larger display than previous models,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“Included in that report are also claims that Apple will opt for implementing NFC (near field communication), wireless charging, and improved LTE in the next iPhone refresh expected later this year,” Hall reports. “The report claims that Apple’s use of NFC in the iPhone 6 is expected but pending on progress with developing its mobile payment system.”

Hall reports, “As for improved LTE, the report claims that the iPhone 6 will move to a better LTE radio capable of 300 megabits per second over the current 150 mbps capable radios used.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Just tested 5 bars LTE, the cell is 200 ft away.

      38 Mbps up
      19 Mbps down
      49 ms latency

      So, I am not sure 300Mbps is an Apple problem, since I don’t even know where 150Mbps is achievable today. What I get on LTE is certainly better than what I get at home, and I’m fiber.

    2. My iPhone 5 was USB-tethered while downloading app updates to my Mac late last night, at one point it broke 5.5 MB/s for a few seconds, or 44 Mbps. Sure beats the 25 Mbps my cable provider promises.

  1. My only concern on the next iPhone is screen size. Not that I specifically want a bigger screen. But, if they do release both 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens, which one to go for.

    Pants – if that could possibly be any more relevant. I have been able to “downsize” recently, as that’s a good thing. I definitely notice the 4.0 inch iPhone 5s in my pocket, than before.

    Now I am worried what a 4.7″ or 5.5″ phone might do to my cloths – if the phone will more likely break from stress, or by bumping into something… I have been a “bigger is better” type of person, for as long as I can remember.

    Any thoughts about the phone size?

    1. Regular-sized iPhone 6 should not go away, so do not worry.

      As to wireless charging, it is highly doubtful and iPhone will be still done of metal. Not really possible; besides, wireless charging makes phone thicker and Apple does not like that.

      NFC is also doubtful; but lets see.

    2. I carry an HTC One M8 for work, it’s a 5″ diagonal screen plus another inch vertical for bezel and speakers. I’m a 34″ waist, and it carries fine in my front pocket along with wallet in jeans, my track pants, and my shorts. My khakis have larger and looser pockets though, so it often ends up more horizontal than vertical, which is a nuisance but not too big a deal. I suspect my iPhone 5 would do the same if it weren’t for the case which keeps it from sliding much in my pocket.

      So, a 4.7″ iPhone should guys pants and shorts just fine… if you normally keep stuff in your front pockets.

  2. I believe in Apple advancing the iPhone 6 LTE capabilities. I think wireless charging is an unlikely possibility.

    However, why would Apple incorporate NFC? They’ve kinda proven that not only is it unnecessary, but there are other technologies that do what it does better.

  3. I’m pretty sure a metal case would preclude wireless charging. I’m not a fan of wireless charging anyway. A direct connection to a power source is far more efficient and plugging my phone into my Mac assures me that all of my pictures are backed up. NFC is cheap technology. Apple could add it without adding much cost to the phone. Personally I have no use for it but I wouldn’t care if it was included. What I really would like to see is an IR port. I’d love to be able to use my phone as a universal remote.

    1. My work HTC One has an IR port and built-in universal remote ability. It’s a gimmick at best, trying to be too clever and not able to handle the basics well.

      Not to say Apple couldn’t do much better, but remotes are usually longer and thinner for 1-handed use for a reason… not to mention having to wake/unlock the screen every time you want to change the channel or volume is a PITA.

      1. I used to use an L5 dongle and it’s associated app as a remote control with my 4s. I was able to control my Apple TV, TV, cable box, stereo, space heater and air conditioner all from the same app. It all depends on how well the controlling app is written. As for the IR transceiver, I’d guess that was too simple to screw up.

        One handed use was never as important as actual use. I always know where my phone is, can’t really say that about my remotes. They like to play hide and seek. 🙂

  4. The market share shift from Android to Apple iPhone 6 will be interesting to watch. A total delight it would be to see Fandroid/sSheep faces dropping in disbelief like flies and all the air deflated out of their disingenuous bragging tires. Cruel chuckles will be loud and hearty.

    1. While I expect some Android users to move to iPhones due to the larger screens, I don’t think it’ll be huge number. Some Android users do actually like Android, and the average price of Android phones will always be lower.

      I expect the next generation of iPhones to be very popular but I don’t see them as Android killers.

      1. No not kill, just maim a little. 🙂 I think there are more who are on the fence than people think. Larger size among other new enhancements will no doubt shift many an allegiance. You’re right in that it has to be something irresistible beyond size.

  5. It seems to me that all the evidence is against Apple adopting NFC. I don’t believe they are changing their tune. You’d have thought there would have been a mention of NFC during the WWDC keynote if they were headed in that direction.

  6. The rumor of wireless charging and the rumor of the lightning connector being used for headphones seem to be compatible to me. The wireless charging would free up the one open port to headphones.

    1. I don’t see either. Wireless charging would preclude the use of a metallic case, is less efficient and would add bulk and cost. If Apple wants to add bulk, I’d prefer a longer lasting battery rather than an inefficient way of charging a shorter lasting one.

      Using the lightning port for headphones is ok IF you’re an audiophile and want specialized circuitry to supply the audio instead of what’s already built into the phone, but using it solely as a plug for normal headphones is nonsensical. Since the lightning connector is a digital-only device, the headphones would require a D/A converter for audio out. an A/D converter for audio in and an audio amplifier, plus a source of power for all this circuitry (drawn from either an external battery or from the phone’s battery). Any headphones that used the lightning connector would be more expensive, electronically more complex, be more bulky and would only be usable with audio equipment from companies that license the connector from Apple. Expect only very high end headphones to support lightning connectors. The 3.5mm connector will remain the connector for “the rest of us”.

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