iOS 8 code shows iPad split-screen multitasking, Maps public transit in the works, and more

“In the several months leading up to Apple’s 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference, we reported on several features on tap for iOS 8, the new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating system, and OS X Yosemite,” 9to5Mac reports.

“Many of the features we reported on were announced last week: improved messaging, revamped notifications, various user-interface enhancements, indoor mapping, iCloud improvements for end-users and developers, Shazam in Siri, Voice Memos improvements, the redesigned Mac interface, multi-resolution mode for Xcode app testing, and of course, health-tracking integration,” 9to5Mac reports. “But some of the reporting did not become official last week. Namely, the Healthbook name, various improvements to Apple’s controversial mapping software, and a split-screen iPad multitasking mode.”

9to5Mac reports, “Before WWDC, we reported that the [split-screen iPad multitasking mode] feature would be pushed back to at least iOS 8.1 or even to a future software or hardware update (iPad Pro?).”

Read more, and see the screenshots, in the full article here.


  1. Since Steve left and the maps debacle… they’re more careful about promising certain features at WWDC without a guarantee that they will be fully baked.

    A smaller Apple was able to blur botches (like the expensive iPhone at launch, the lack of an app store and copy n’ paste) by Steve Jobs’ ability to make truth malleable and relativistic.

    If it’s fully baked, it will be added, but maps is not something they want to mess with, adding more fuel to the fire for maps.

  2. I don’t suppose Maps really has any noteworthy new features that would justify a release only for iOS8. Most updates will likely be to the quality of data and will likely show up on all versions and be added whenever they’re ready.

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