Apple’s WWDC 2014: Something extraordinary is certain

“In just a few days Apple (AAPL) will open its 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference, and everybody is waiting expectantly for the keynote address on Monday,” J. M. Manness writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Now we do know one thing – whatever it is, it will be BIG! Very big,” Manness writes. “The schedule for the WWDC was recently released, and there is one amazing thing about it – many of the workshops have unannounced titles… As a description for these, the schedule notes: ‘The title and description of this session will be revealed after Keynote on Monday, June 2nd. Check back to view the updated schedule and favorite the sessions and labs you would like to attend.'”

“There are two ways that we know that this is not just another upgrade, but rather something exceptional,” Manness writes. “First is the fact that these anonymous workshops cover virtually every aspect of the topic area, including: tools, frameworks, services, core OS, media, graphics and games. There is even one at 4:30 on Tuesday under the category Special Events. So it is clear that this must be far reaching since it impacts every single corner of the development system.”

Manness writes, But the way we really know that this is going to be huge, is the sheer number of workshops with censored titles. Of some 235 workshops at the conference, about 118 have redacted titles.”

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        1. I guess we should help out those who thought wjw1 was being serious…

          Apple can’t do anything right… because:

          Ya Know Because Apple Is Doomed

    1. Really James? Please enlighten us. Big is very vague. Be more specific please. Otherwise you’re just gossiping like everyone else. Only bragging at the same time. Stop it! Stop it now! It’s annoying.

          1. I’d buy it! I had a Mac SE/30 20 some years ago, and as I was employed as a freelance designer, I had a silk screen made, and carefully removed the /30 from the fascia, and thus corrected the prissy /30 (which substituted the normal X representing the Motorola 68030 CPU) so the computer was labelled Macintosh SEX. Apple may have been too prissy to follow their own conventions, but no one who saw the results so much as batted an eye, except a couple other designers who knew full well the Mac model lineup.

    1. I second that emotion. I decided to wait on a 4k for my new Mac Pro until after Monday. If no Apple 4k is announced I’ll have to go with the Asus, begrudgingly.

    2. The alternative niffy kewl thing Apple could do would be to support a wide variety of current 4K displays, not just the two from Sharp. Eventually, 4K will become more standardized and common. But I suspect it will not become a mainstream home display in the near future. It’s still a niche & rich resolution.

  1. My guess is that Apple is going to release a Mac like device running iOS and ARM. The “Write the code. Change thĆ© world,” slogan would fit because there would be lot of code to write and these machines could sell millions because of price, performance and features. Or maybe not……

  2. My money is on Apple TV. Either a full blown App Store, or the very least a Games App Store for Apple TV, and the channels will still be only through Apple.

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