Apple’s OS X 10.10 WWDC banner points to ‘Yosemite’ or ‘El Capitan’ name

“Apple’s 25th annual developers conference kicks off next week, and as usual, the company’s spent the past week putting up large, colorful banners all over the Moscone West building in San Francisco,” Josh Lowensohn reports for The Verge.

“That includes large Apple logos to the two sides of the three story building, as well as product banners on the inside of the building,” Lowensohn reports.

One of the banners shown hints at ‘Yosemite’ or ‘El Capitan’ as the name for OS X 10.10:

Apple's WWDC 2014 banner for OS X
Apple’s WWDC 2014 banner for OS X

Many more photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: This one’s real. We checked. 🙂


  1. I don’t really care what Tim Cook calls 10.10. I do however hope that someone is tasked to alleviate the suffering of enterprise users by fixing the six month IMAP fail in Mavericks.

    1. IMAP fail? Nope, the bigger fail is the inability since Mountain Lion to search SMB drives on the network. That is an ongoing major headache that has wreaked havoc on our office by preventing Macs from searching network drives on our Windows-based network. It’s crazy and absurd. How can this be overlooked?

      1. Yup. SMB fail.
        We ran into extensive problems with file permissions and searching large volumes.

        Switch to 10.9, at least that uses SMB 2.
        If you’re using 10.8, 10.7 then use CIFS
        With 10.6 SMB is ok

    1. Really? Banner watch continues? Why? Who cares? It’s just a name. Nothing to get excited about. Do something constructive. Read a book. Go cut your grass. Ask a girl out for dinner. Take a nap.

  2. If they named it in honour of deposed Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer, as a way of saying thanks for his decade plus run of total incompetence, they could call it Mount Baldy.


      1. Yeah, true, except that Jackass Mountain is in British Columbia, whilst Mount Baldy actually is in California, and thus would fit into Apple’s current OS X naming scheme using California landmarks.

      1. Thanks, I’m feeling better now and I’m still on the meds.

        I worked at the IBM plant where they MFG ‘d the PPC 603 in ’98. It was great fun seeing the shift from Moto 6808 to PPC. Then it almost looked fatal for apple when their stock bottomed out near $7. Lots of talk about death watch back then.

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