WWDC 2014: Odds-on favorites of new hardware and software

“WWDC 2014 is just around the corner now, so it’s time for our annual show predictions,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“his year we decided to present it based on percentage chance of a particular item being announced at WWDC, in the Fall 2014 or Winter 2015,” Reschke writes. “Much of what Apple announces will coincide with their next generation iPhone, or highly rumored iWatch launch, which links much of iHome and Healthbook apps. Thus, much of what may or may not be announced will be largely based on Apple’s hardware announcements at the show show. ”

“Overall, an iMac update and an all-new iPhone are both likely highly to arrive at WWDC. From all the information we have received, the iPhone 6 (likely rebranded as iPhone Air) is ready to go to market, and should begin shipping in the U.S. and other major markets within two to three weeks within the announcement,” Reschke writes. “This will be a shocking development for Apple’s competitors, but this is exactly what Apple is aiming to do. A WWDC iPhone launch leaves the fall timeframe open for an entirely new market entry product, likely the rumored iWatch or heavily revamped Apple TV.”

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  1. A product or two may emerge, but it is the APIs and broadening of the software that is going to excite the developers for what can be created in new venues.

    1. The writer is unaware of the many new cars coming out with the CarPlay systems in them this year. Most likely know nothing about the new Apple smart home standard either. So many opportunities to interface and develop apps for these two markets.

    1. True… but I suspect that the developers will need to update their code to work on a larger screen if Apple is changing pixel count and/or density.

      Given that most contracts are on the typical September timeframe, a June launch will truly only attract early-adopters meaning supply constraints are less of an issue as it’s rolled out in a more gradual fashion.

      As such, it makes it appropriate for Apple to launch the product at WWDC.

  2. Every year. Every freaking year.

    Idiot analysts predict major new product launches at a DEVELOPER’S CONFERENCE. And then, when it doesn’t happen, they throw a fit and cry “Apple is doomed!”

    Ever year, it’s the same story. They never learn! Click whores. All of them are click whores.

      1. Nah, I think there’s too much momentum right now. I see this being a repeat of 2012. The stock is going to rise heavily over the summer months (and yes, it’ll have “down days,” but otherwise it’ll shoot up), and then … well, we all remember what happened the day the iPhone 5 came out, right?

        I don’t see WWDC negatively impacting the stock for more than a few days, and that’ll probably be counterbalanced by the stock split occurring next week. So it’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

        1. Nah. We’re still $70 from just being even from September 2012. There will be just as many giddy investors this time as there was last time. They’ll forget the basic principles of investing and will fail to profit from a huge run up in AAPL. Then when it drops, like all stocks do eventually, you’ll hear the screams of “it isn’t fair” and “I’m being manipulated” all over again. It’s the cycle of life.

    1. No, this is Apple’s only developer’s conference. They have traditionally launched new hardware here to show the developers what they will be developing FOR, but the main reason was always publicity.

      Now Apple is so big they don’t need to use WWDC for publicity. They can schedule a “special event” any time they want and fill it with journalists drooling over whatever they are ready to announce.

  3. Any products Apple announces at the WWDC will either be immediately ready for sale, or will be a new product line that must be disclosed anyway as it undergoes regulatory approval/certification. Upgrades for existing product lines with releases down the road a few months will not be discussed because they might impact sales of current products.

    1. You mean like Cook chose to unveil the cylindrical Mac Pro at the 2013 WWDC “for sale in December”, then pushed out a couple units at midnight on Dec 31, and still hasn’t delivered them to customers in any meaningful numbers?

      I have the theory that Cook doesn’t understand or care about 3rd party developers, hardware or software. Cook wants to get all the kids hooked on subscription-based music and subscription-based computing (“the could”). What a disappointment considering Apple started specifically as a company that allowed users to be free of Big Brother.

  4. Interesting. All of these HARDWARE predictions for a SOFTWARE conference. There may be a tease of one or two hardware announcements, but this is a developers conference for goodness sakes….

  5. Actually before the iPhone 1 came out for consumers Jobs gave one to each Dev at WWDC to help accelerate the development of iPhone friendly web apps (before App Store).
    My prediction is Apple will do the same, give iPhone Air (4.7″) to the devs to help them with screen size adjustments. Public orders taken a week or so after the conference with shipping in July. Destroying competition for high sales at the $100 higher price.
    That’s my guess anyway having been an Apple and AAPL fan for over two decades.

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