Apple’s iPhone 6 rear casing reportedly shown in new leaked photo

“Australian blog MacFixIt has gotten its hands on a photo of what it says is a rear shell from the upcoming iPhone 6 that allegedly comes from sources inside the supply chain,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“This is reportedly the 4.7″ model, which is one of two planned for release this fall,” Beasley reports. “The larger 5.5″ version has yet to be leaked, though.”

“This shell lines up with recent design rumors,” Beasley reports, “including a few leaked dummies presumably designed for case manufacturers to work with.”

Claimed Apple iPhone 6 rear casing
Claimed Apple iPhone 6 rear casing

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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        1. so what makes you think there will be a green one when the only instance that colour is shown is as stated above purely a protective film in manufacturing. Would you like to give us a list of all the other colours you won’t buy, its a slow morning after all.

          1. Sure no problem. Let’s see almost any pastel shade, brown unless it is actual leather or sandstone, most neon shades except perhaps yellow and orange when seen though a flat black rubber case, and pink of any kind although that is covered by pastels. I prefer Maroons and Purples, navy blue or crimson with gold accents, or black with glossy and flat elements.

            But other folks are welcome to the shades they like. Plus I don’t that the film is green it be transparent.

            1. To the extent I took any mass transport as a youth I seem to recall it was a bus run by the county transit organization. No yellow as I recall but a full-sized GMC in primarily white blue and orange livery.

              If you are suggesting mental deficiency, they tended to travel by specialized van equipped with a wheel chair lift. It wasn’t yellow either. The closest I came to riding a school bus of any kind was for a field trip. Even then most field trips were in chartered busses.

  1. I mean enough already! It’s going to be rectangular. Not a triangle. Not a circle. Rectangular. It will be bigger than the 5S with a few modifications along the edges. It’s a smart phone. Let’s get excited over its features not its appearance. Talk about wasted article after wasted article. Jeez!

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