Bernstein hikes Apple price target to $700 on bigger iPhone, iWatch device

“Bernstein Research raised its price target for Apple Inc., citing potential gains from the soon-to-be-introduced iPhone 6, which is expected to feature a bigger screen, and the speculated introduction of a smartwatch product,” Benjamin Pimentel reports for MarketWatch.

“Bernstein raised its Apple price target to $700 from $615,” Pimentel reports. “‘We believe investor anticipation of the iPhone 6 will be high because a new larger form factor could stimulate an accelerated replacement cycle and switching from Android users who value a large screen,’ Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi told clients in a note.”

“He also noted that Apple had indicated that it plans to introduce a new product category,” Pimentel reports. “‘We expect that Apple will introduce a new product category before year end, which we believe will be an iWatch,’ he told clients in a note.”

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  1. “iPhone 6 will be high because a new larger form factor”

    Again: all the “bloggers” and “analysts” seriously underestimate Apple’s prospects, because iPhone 6 is going to be 4″ device, with additional bigger model(s).

    Thus Apple will keep its unique position as compact flagman manufacturers (basically no one can compete with Apple in this segment; only Sony XPeria Compact somewhat approaches) and will beat SGS5, LG G3 and other competitors on the field of bigger, two-hand-used devices with bigger screen iPhones (“iPhone Air”, “iPhone MAXI” or however they will be called).

  2. Toni, Toni, Toni!!!!! What the heck are YOU drinking??? This is a hugely uncharacteristic call for the lad.

    I don’t think you can consider Toni an AAPL bull by a longshot, but, hey, I’ll take $700 – or $100 after the split!

  3. All the clues and yet still clueless. Smart Home and CarPlay together defining Apple’s new territory they will manage and dominate. Look at all the mid range and high end cars out this year with CarPlay now and they hear about the Smart House standard from Apple. Some many easy clues and they can’t understand how a small iOS device along with iBeacon and Apple engineering magic are going to be used.

    Well, maybe they just like to be surprised.

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