Verizon rolling out VoLTE in ‘coming months’, could bolster iOS 8 FaceTime

“Verizon Wireless is officially joining in on this year’s major new cellular network technology: Voice over LTE, or ‘VoLTE,'” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“VoLTE allows voice calls on compatible smartphones to be made over the previously-data only LTE network technology,” Gurman reports. “This allows for higher-quality, better sounding (‘HD Voice’) phone calls to be placed. The rollout will occur ‘later this year,’ or ‘in the coming months’ depending on which part of the press release you believe.”

“Verizon is not the first U.S. carrier to jump on the VoLTE bandwagon. Less than a week ago, AT&T announced that it will begin rolling out VoLTE in select markets this month and more markets later this year. Other major U.S. carriers Sprint and T-Mobile already have VoLTE/HD Voice support,” Gurman reports. “Sources say that Apple is developing integration for VoLTE into the next-generation iPhone and iOS 8, which are both expected to be released this fall.”

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  1. My understanding is that this will finally allow us to use data while on a phone call. We can get to the web and all of our apps while on the phone. This is currently not possible because Apple allows only on cellular radio to function at a time. So, of we were using the 3G radio for a voice call the LTE could not also be on for data.

    This is a big deal to me.

    1. This is not solely Apple’s fault. Verizon and Sprint both have this problem, because the backup network runs on CDMA; AT&T and other GSM providers don’t have this problem. Double cellular radios are a huge power drain, which is why you don’t see too many Android phones with this feature either.

  2. Wait… “Voice calls”. I used to do something like that with my phone. Remind me — it’s like texting, but with your mouth, right?

    (Seriously, in this day and age, who gives a flying crap if calls sound better? Unless you’re calling Morgan Freeman and having him read you a bedtime story, does it really matter?)


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