Samsung reportedly resumes settlement talks with Apple

“Samsung Electronics and Apple have recently agreed to begin talks to settle patent disputes out of court, according to people directly involved with the matter, Monday,” Kim Yoo-chul reports for The Korea Times. “‘Samsung has recently resumed working-level discussions with Apple and the key issue is how to dismiss all lawsuits,’ they said, declining to be named.”

“”Some more time will be needed to fix terms of details such as royalty payments in return for using patents owned by each before reaching a full agreement,'” Kim reports. “The move comes a few days after Apple and Google agreed to dismiss all patent disputes, meaning a complete closure of the litigation that had started in 2010 with both parties bearing their own court and attorney costs. ”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The rest of the full article is a mistake (equating one Samsung SEP for which Apple’s owes $158,000 with all of Apple’s design patents for which Samsung currently owes Apple over $1 billion in damages) followed by what basically amounts to a press release from Florian Müller pushing his throughly transparent anti-Apple/pro-Samsung campaign.

Until we get corroboration from independent sources from outside of Samsungorea, take this report with a grain of salt.

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  1. Japan convicted SS of FRAND abuse late last week. Maybe when the old man Lee kicks the bucket, SScan ave face by claining he was the one blocking settlements. SS needs a face saving way to get out of this conundrum.

  2. How badly does Apple need this Samsung Partnership?

    Brief and probably inaccurate review here:

    – Apple teams with Samsung to produce iPhone.
    – The manufacturing and assembly force, Samsung, has the inner knowledge of this Golden Apple opportunity.
    – Samsung was not a huge phone player at this time, and the numbers it made and sold on the market was fair.
    – Samsung meets with Google in talks over Android.
    – Apple offers exclusive use of iOS to Samsung.
    – Samsung declines iOS and takes Googles AndyBotOS.
    – Samsung begins to produce its own copies of Apple hardware devises.

    Partners who stab the other in the back and steal ip SHOULD NOT get second or third chances. First pay the damages, then resolve the settlements. After all, Samsung has benefited from the Apple orders for parts and assembly.

    Its been slow but the tide rolling in Apples favour over most lawsuits pertaining to Samsung and Apple. Can’t Apple just buy Samsung out? Are other manufacturing facilities and component suppliers just not up to the Samsung level?

    Google will be dealt with soon. And Apple needs a competitor.

    1. You’re missing the point of the settlement talks entirely. Apple wields significant leverage over Samsung right now because it holds judgments against Samsung. However, Apple can demand/negotiate terms in a settlement that it cannot win from any court of law, and by having the leverage it does, Samsung will have little wiggle room to fight against Apple’s terms. That’s why Apple is in negotiations now rather than making Samsung pay up first and then try to negotiate, because Samsung has little incentive to negotiate once it has paid.

  3. There is bound to be some angle in this. Samsung are probably using this as a way to stall. Maybe even to show Koh that they are willing to talk. Either that or they realize they will need to pay up and are looking to minimize the overall outlay.

  4. This article is fabricated based on the MISTAKEN idea that Apple and Google have dismissed all past court cases and decided to make peace. Apple and Google have NOT decided to make peace. What they have done is decided to dismiss old cases wrapped around Motorola. Why? Because Google realists now that it makes no sense to fight with SEP patents.

    Florian Muller has either damaged his brain or is deliberately fabricating this story in some “setup” way to write another fabricated piece in the future. With this story he is trying to influence future cases like some sort of psychic propaganda that US dropped on Irak when all the army gave up without a fight.

    1. I agree with Paul, PLUS my uninformed guess is that Lenovo is probably stipulating for their purchase of MOTO to go through that all ongoing litigation must be resolved. Hence GOOG is cutting their losses and wrapping up this relatively small cluster of lawsuits with AAPL, since the worldwide courtroom sentiment is tilted toward AAPL anyway.

  5. Well I guess that Apple won’t negotiate anything substantially less than they have won in Court and Samsung may have achieved all the delaying it really needed so maybe this is a way of coming to terms without disposing the exact nature of the settlement. Time will tell. And maybe with this settled Apple will be able to knock on the door of all other Android makers who similarly used their patents. Wont count any chickens.

  6. This is part of Samsungs devious underhanded play book. Apple should not settle. Stick to your guns and show these Slavish Korean POS Copy Cat IP Infringing thieves that CRIME doesn’t pay!

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