Apple taps Innolux for iPhone 6 displays, turns down Samsung and Sharp

“According to reports, Apple has partnered up with both LG Display as well as Japan Display Corporation in order to manufacture the 4.7 inch panels of the iPhone 6,” G 4 Games reports.

“However, two manufacturers are not enough for the anticipated high demand of the next iPhone, and the Cupertino giant was searching for a third supplier,” G 4 Games reports. “According to the Taiwanese media, Apple was in talks with Samsung, Sharp and Innolux, in order for one of these companies to be the third manufacturer producing the 4.7 inch panel of the iPhone 6. Based on these latest reports however, Apple has decided to turn down Samsung and Sharp, and has chosen to stick with Innolux instead.”

“Allegedly, the reason why Apple refused to collaborate with Samsung is because the Korean tech giant is too much of a direct competitor,” G 4 Games reports. “As far as Sharp goes, Apple turned down the said company, following the analysis of the first wave of sample panels, which appear to be suffering from ‘Moire’ issues.”

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      1. Agreed.

        Pocket book issues trump morality for most of the population.

        Long ago dismounted from a high horse. As long as the display works great at a good price, could not care less about the source of supply.

        Barring raping and pillaging of communities, that is.

        Zealot boycotts will undoubtedly disagree. And that’s fine. It is what it is.


        1. Everyone has a limit. Mine is a lot closer to the other end of the spectrum. I am willing to “pay” more to avoid Samsung, Walmart, Google, Microsoft, etc. Each offends or has offended me me in a different way. Sometimes the cost of avoidance is money, other times it is efficiency, time, level of aggravation, etc. But the good fight is always worth the sacrifice, and I do not forget. I won’t complain about these companies if I am not willing to do at least a little something in response to their actions/inactions. They have the potential to redeem themselves, but it will take a lot of time and effort to gain (or regain, in some cases) my trust and business.

  1. First of all, alternates may not be more expensive.
    Second of all, Apple makes enough profit margin from each iPhone so they can absorb a slight cost increase if any. They will negotiate to keep cost same.
    Third, Apple wants to end Samsung relationship & sell iPhones. Same price will show to world that Samsung has no effect on delivery, quality, or price of iPhones.

  2. I’m with midwestmac, samscum doesn’t deserve any business and people should boycott samscum products. So I don’t think he’s an exception at all. All the news about samscum and how they do business by lying, cheating, stealing, and copying. People need to think before they purchase from that kind of scum.

  3. While we are at it, let’s bring all US troops and personnel out of Korea now, too. We no longer need the US military to support Korea-Samsung-chaebol that makes their money by wholesale theft of other people’s IP. Screw ’em. Shine a bright light in the dark corners of their business practices and culture.

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