Apple, Google shaped by Silicon Valley Judge Koh’s gavel

“Lucy H. Koh’s fingerprints are on your Gmail account, your smartphone, and, if you’re a Silicon Valley engineer, possibly your prospects for changing jobs,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for Bloomberg.

“Koh, the California federal judge overseeing the three-year patent battle between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., has so far thwarted the iPhone maker’s bid to keep Galaxy phones off the market,” Rosenblatt reports. “Koh’s ascent to influence in Silicon Valley has been swift. The 45-year-old daughter of Korean immigrants was nominated to the federal bench by President Barack Obama in 2010, making her one of the youngest appointees among more than 600 active federal judges and the first Korean-American U.S. district court judge.”

“In Apple’s first U.S. patent-infringement suit against Samsung, filed in 2011, Koh rejected Apple’s requests to ban sales of Samsung’s phones — even after the iPhone maker won a jury verdict finding that Samsung had infringed six of its patents. The legal basis for her decision, Koh explained, was that Apple failed to draw a close enough connection between Samsung’s infringement of patented features, and the sales Cupertino, California-based Apple claimed it had lost,” Rosenblatt reports. “An appeals court said Koh had set the bar too high and urged her to reconsider. Koh held her ground. In March 2014, she again said Apple hadn’t marshaled enough evidence to win a sales ban.”

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  1. Koh was right from the start with denying a ban (by her own judgement), so she didn’t even need to consider other opinions.
    And Cote had written 80% of her verdict before the trial started, and she didn’t even need any proof !!
    Koh and Cote, some really efficient judges.

  2. This was how the case went.
    Koh told Apple to narrow the case until it only involved a few patented features. Samsung could then use the defence that those few features alone would not result in loss of sales. They also spread the myth that the case was all about rounded corners. The judge and the media bought it hook line and sinker. All the while this sham was constantly delayed, Samsung made billions.

  3. Steve Jobs and his band of geniuses completely redesigned the cellular telephone. In the process, Steve held focus groups with citizens of Cupertino, spent many millions (probably billions on Research and Development and nearly a decade of product polishing and refinement.) The result was an astonishing breakthrough product. Steve and Co. were decades ahead of their competition.

    Judge Koh’s decision to narrow the patent complaints to a few is because she cannot understand the whole picture like Steve did. He made it “insanely great.”

    Samsung spent twenty minutes on R&D by just purchasing an iPhone and copying it.That sure keeps the R&D costs down.

    If all the design breakthroughs in the Samsung products that really came from Steve and Company, Samsung wouldn’t have a product. The real victims of this is the public of the United States. Hundreds of billions of sales dollars went to South Korea that should have NEVER occurred. Ms Koh and Mr Posner will forever live in the history of the United States for their foolish decisions.

    If our patent courts aren’t going to protect something as obvious as the breakthroughs that occurred in the iPhone, then we don’t need the expense of a patent system. Lay off Ms. Koh and Mr. Posner. Get them off the public dole and challenge them to try to make a living by coming up with a product as staggeringly good as an iPhone. I already know how that movie ends. Neither one of these two geniuses should be allowed to even own an iPhone.

  4. PS for Ms Koh: The green telephone icon on the menu screen for the iPhone was designed by an Apple Design Consultant. It was copied pixel for pixel by the Samsung copy machine. That is pure copyright infringement and Samsung should legally be fined $150,000 per instance. As by law. Game. Set. Match.

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