Apple to release 4.7-inch iPhone in August, 5.5-inch iPhone in September, sources say

“Apple Inc will unveil the next incarnation of its popular iPhone series in August, one month earlier than industry watchers were generally expecting, Taiwanese media reported on Friday citing unidentified supply-chain sources,” Michael Gold reports for Reuters.

“A 4.7-inch screen version of the iPhone 6 will reach stores in August, the Economic Daily News reported without specifying which markets would receive the phone first,” Gold reports. “A 5.5-inch or 5.6-inch model will be released in September, the newspaper said, as the iPhone 5 series was previously.”

“People involved in the supply chain had earlier confirmed to Reuters that there will be a 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch version,” Gold reports. “Together, the Economic Daily News said 80 million iPhone 6 handsets would be produced this year.”

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    1. No split announcement true but a joint announcement with the 4.7″ model immediately available and the 5.5″ available at a slightly later date. Just by announcing it they will stop a lot of Android phones being sold and switchers making new plans as people wait for the larger Apple models.

    1. Apple going with larger iPhones has been Samsung’s greatest fear and the day of phablet reckoning has almost come. There’s no where else for Samsung to go to make an easy differentiation. Not only does that vanish but Apple has technology currently that Samsung hasn’t matched or implemented well. Shamelessdung’s copying crimes are about to suffer their true comeuppance and it won’t take a trial jury, just a jury of consumers.

  1. Will the 4 inch model go away? I like the iPhone at its current size, and I’m ready to upgrade. I’m hoping 4.7 isn’t the smallest size available for iPhone 6.

    1. Doubtful Apple will abandon fans of the smaller 4″ size. What’s interesting is Apple having choice of three sizes which should go far in tempting smart phone fans of all platforms. As a stockholder it makes me happy to contemplate where we’ll be by the end of this year.

      1. … sure, because we all know Apple never abandons products that a minority of people really enjoy.

        You will take what Apple gives you, and you will like it. If not, the only other choice is Android — which DOES give a huge range of hardware choices and is therefore more popular. But if you have specific hardware preferences, don’t let anyone know here. MDN insists that all posts praise Apple’s limited handset offerings.

            1. Is that really abandoning users? All manufacturers change their lineup from time to time. At one time I thought I wanted a 17″ MBP but realized later 15″ was the overall sweet spot. Retina Display really changed things. Of course there are still those whose needs would be better met with a 17″ MBP but I find them bulky and a bit unwieldy.

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