Samsung to hold health-related announcement days before Apple’s WWDC

“We just received an invite to San Francisco-based event on May 28th, where Samsung is planning a ‘new conversation around health,'” Mat Smith reports for Engadget.

“That means it’s scheduled just before Apple’s annual WWDC,” Smith reports. “Our invite came from Samsung’s Semiconductor arm so it could be about forthcoming sensors and components, rather than, say, Fit Version 2. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Idiots. The world won’t say “you were first.” No, as with your stupidwatch, the world will say that Samsung’s clueless without Apple to copy.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “boecherer” for the heads up.]

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    1. It’s called competition! And who cares what Samsung does, if you use Apple products?

      Apple needs Samsung to bring their A Game. I want them to bring their A Game!

      Without stiff competition Apple will coast (milk it) on shelf life. It certainly takes balls to jump out ahead against Apple. The question is, who will care and who will show up to the Samsung event?

      It matters.

      General Electric could be the largest medical device maker on the planet. They spend billions on R&D to stay that way and there is no doubt in my mind, they’re looking at everyone in the Tech sector for health-related ideas, especially where intelligent User Interfaces are concerned.

      GE knows the medical landscape for a decade to come, knows which medical products hold the most promise. What remains a mystery to them is, who will become the interface between the patient and the medical community.

      Samsung will introduce clever software and attempt to prove for the record they were their first, but it won’t do any good. They’ll fall right into line behind Apple eventually.

      It’s not hard to imagine an Apple “wellness center” that serves as a collective for my health-related data, complete with an array of applications that facilitate my ongoing preventative medical treatment.

      A wellness approach, as opposed to “medical treatment” which would be controversial, would enable millions of people to take a proactive stance in their own healthcare.

      You’ve all thought it; why didn’t Apple develop That website failure can be attributed to severe interface issues.

      Apple has so much more experience in developing and managing online “stores” than Samsung ever will and it will become painfully obvious to them when Apple opens a door to healthcare.

      WWDC is just the tip of the iceberg and that will become evident June 2nd. It’s easy to imagine healthcare becoming so big an issue, it becomes a feature in future WWDCs.

      I expect nothing less than fixation of health-related matters from Apple. Just as music is in their DNA, healthcare will become an even greater issue because of the old salts of Apple owe it to Steve Jobs, whose own health had a profound impact on the company.

      Go AAPL!

  1. SLAVISH SLAVISH SLAVISH. The sad thing is this collection of morons on Google+ will say once apple has their conference and announces (maybe) health related tools and services that apple copied Samsung absurdly not thinking that samsung was just doing this based on what they heard about apple.

  2. To make certain this new device is as enjoyable to use as most Samsung products, it will have a needle which will jab your leg at random intervals to take blood samples. It will jab you repeatedly to tell you the battery is running low, which will happen several times each day.


  3. People will now be trusting their health and well being to Samsung?

    Apple will gain market share as Samsung begins to kill off its own customers!

  4. This leads me to believe that Samsung has a spy at Apple’s and intends to announce some half baked copy-cat product before Apple blows everyone’s minds with its well thought out version. Then, they can pretend that Apple is copying them.

    That would be completely in character for these scumbags.

    What makes me cry is that these scamming tactics DO work on an unbelievable number of clueless people out there.

    Apple caters to smart people and reaches far fewer than Samsung who’s aiming at idiots. Samsung’s only problem is that it is the former who have the most disposable income.

  5. …my friend told me that when samstone comes to San Francisco, they have to turn the california lightswitch on/off 44 times, take 44,444 steps backward to cincinnati, 11,1111 side-jumps to kansas, etc., etc., etc. before they can continue more specific apple-centric, ocd routines. That can’t be true ..just sounds stupid for a respectable company.

    1. “Cockroaches” is a great analogy… Just like actual cockroaches, there will always be enough waste and dark corners (in our case, clueless customers) that no matter how many cockroaches you try to exterminate, they will always find a way to thrive.

      So in the end, we’ll have to live with them. But again, like real cockroaches, there’s no reason we can’t have Samsung’s name synonymous with “second rate” or “cheap.” Which is what we gotta do.

      Right now, the huge issue is that Samsung runs very successful marketing campaigns that have many of the US customer base convinced they have products as good as (or better than!) Apple’s.

  6. Samsung is planning a ‘new conversation around health,’” a week before Apple’s WWDC where Apple’s foray into health monitoring wearables and app might be introduced to which Samsung poor health conversation will sound something like this… “Stop it Apple, you’re killing us!”

    Actually, Samsung’s preemptive announcement reminds me of an earlier Apple skit prior to the opening of their 2007 WWDC.

    Apple needs to remake that TV commercial by bringing John Hodgman out of retirement and redo that skit but replace ‘Hello, I’m Steve Jobs” with Hodgman dressed with “Samsung” emblazoned across the chest and have Hodgman say, “Hello, I’m Apple Inc.”…

  7. Samsung is so ingrained in the S. Korean “Copy Company” mentality that they just can’t break away and do something … anything … remotely new & original.

    It must be a pathetic experience for talented managers at Samsung to be told to “copy Apple, but change the colors and the bezel.”

    1. It’s a cultural thing and Gung Ho is not just a movie.

      It’s in their DNA to work as a team and no individual is expected to take the lead. That ideal is pounded in their heads from the first day of school until they die.

      No one really expects them to take the lead on anything, so they emulate.

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